Results: The Deadly Draw AEW Women’s Tag Team Tournament Cup Night 2 10/08/20

Here’s the results from the second night and the final Quarter Final matches of the AEW ‘Deadly Draw’ Women’s Tag Team Tournament:

DASHA hosted as BIG SWOLE drew her colour, being teamed with NICOLE SAVOY who is being billed as ‘Little Swole’. That left LEVA BATES and RACHE CHANEL as the last two colours picked.

Quarter Finals Match: Big & Lil’ Swole defeated Leva Bates & Rache Chanel. Bates was pinned by Big Swole after a double team Kneeling Flatliner-Rolling Cutter combo.

IVELLISE drew her chip, being paired with familiar partner/rival DIAMANTE. Then, MEDUSA informed Dasha she’d be competing in the tournament and she drew to be paired with RACHEL ELLERING.

Quarter Finals Match: Ivellise & Diamante defeated Dasha & Rachel Ellering. Ivellise pinned Dasha with her Code Red she calls the Desert Eagle.

Next week will see the Semi Finals: Big & Lil’ Swole versus The Nightmare Sisters, and Ivellise & Diamante versus Anna Jay & Tay Conti.

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