RAW RECAP 10/08/20: Asuka’s Revenge? Or SummerSlam Denial? – Asuka Vs Bayley; Royce Vs Morgan; Belair Vs Vega

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! SummerSlam is just two weeks away, but for Asuka to secure her rematch at the biggest event of the Summer she needs to get through the unstobbable Bayley. Asuka lost the Raw Women’s Championship when Bayley attacked Kairi Sane backstage, so there’s more than just wanting a title shot here. Can Asuka focus on the prize, or will The Golden Role Models manage to avoid a major threat to their Two Woman Power Trip status? And what will come of Mickie James making her return to Raw? Let’s get into it, and find out…

Women’s Singles Match
BIANCA BELAIR w/h Angelo Dawkins defeated ZELINA VEGA w/h Andrade & Angel Garza

Vega denied that she poisioned Ford last week and vowed her men would get the Raw tag titles at SummerSlam. She would be at ringside as Angelo Dawkins faced Andrade but an attack by Belair on Vega distacted Andrade to lead to Dawkins picking up a win.

The match was joined in progress with Vega applying a Rear Naked Choke that Belair counted into a Suplex. After some stalling Vega used a cheap stomp to the foot to break the grip. Going for a Crucifix but Belair’s strength stopped it, so Vega changed up into a Triangle Choke. Belair powered up and Vega tried for a Sunset Flip but Belair blocked to haul Vega up and drive her down. Belair hit wild strikes and paid for it when Vega poked Belair’s eye over the referee. Setting up a Running Bulldog off the corner for a two count.

Vega cleverly used Belair’s long hair to stop momentum, shoving Belair into a coner to hit a nice Springboard Kick. A Running Knee Strike to the corner getting a two count. Vega went for the Bulldog again but Belair shoved her off. There was a clear stalling before Belair moved in and went for a KOD but Vega slipped out and there was another sloppy break up of action. Vega however impressed again when she used a roll to duck a Clothesline then hit a Headscissors to send Belair into the middle rope. Vega went for a Crossbody from the middle rope but got caught as Belair just about hit a Military Press to drop Vega.

Belair again hit messy strikes that even the commentators called an ‘ugly beating’ before just tossing Vega about a couple times. Belair went for a wild charge but just sent herself shoulder first into a corner. Vega stomped but going for mounted punches in the corner Belair hit a Powerbomb then an Alley-Ooop hotshot. The KOD then won the match for Belair.

CHARLY CARUSO interviewed Belair after the matched but Belair had no real proof that Vega did it and just vowed to beat up Vega if she tried something like that again.

SARAH SCHREIBER interviewed the returning MICKIE JAMES backstage. But before she could really get talking before LANA and NATALYA showed up. James easily dismissed Lana’s hashtags and mocked Natalya for falling to Lana’s level. Doing a nice line about ‘boats sink’ to their ‘#BOAT’ status and James vowed to see Natalya next week.

Women’s Singles Match

The IIconics mocked their rivals before the match. Morgan started off with pounding strikes but Royce shut it down with a Knee Strike then tossed Morgan out. Morgan came back with head smashes into the apron. A big Spinning Roundhouse put Morgan back down and controlled with strikes. Morgan tried for a roll-up but Royce kicked out then hit another big High Kick.

Kay got up to the apron to distract but it lured Riott up who ended up being the unintented distraction to Morgan. Royce took advantage hitting her Rolling Brainbuster called Deja Vu for the win. Riott tried to say sorry after the match but Morgan didn’t want to hear it.

Women’s Non-Title Singles Match
If Asuka wins she faces Sasha Banks at SummerSlam
ASUKA defeats Smackdown Women’s Champion & Women’s Tag Team Champion BAYLEY w/h Raw Women’s Champion & Women’s Tag Team Champion SASHA BANKS

Asuka started early with a Dropkick then a Hip Attack in the corner, hitting a kick to the back for a near fall. Bayley tried to catch Asuka on the floor but Asuka sent Bayley into the crowd barrier. Asuka went up but Banks distracted as Bayley hit a Dominator of all things for a two count. A Bayley Suplex got another near fall and a Sliding Clothesline got the same.

Bayley kept control with strikes and rest holds and yelled that ‘No More Kairi!’. Asuka got up for a Backslide for a two count and a Sliding Kick stopped Bayley’s momentum. Asuka came back, hitting the German Suplex and a Running Hip Attack for a two count. Bayley countered a Hip Attack and tossed Asuka into the corner. Bayley then missed a Knee Strike, set up in the ropes to kicks then a Stomp off the ropes.

Back from commerical Asuka hit the Missile Dropkick for a two count. Banks distracted as Bayley countered the Buzzsaw Kick into an Ankle Lock but Asuka just got to the ropes. Focusing on the foot with a couple of Foot DDTs. Banks even got a cheap shot on the ankle as Bayley distracted the ref. Bayley hit stomps then the Running Back Elbow but Asuka came back with a wicked Grounded Octopus Hold. An Armbar came after but Bayley countered into a pin. Bayley came back with an impressive Indian Deathlock but Asuka escaped into her own Ankle Lock but it didn’t get the win as Bayley fought out.

Later, Asuka hit a Codebreaker for a two count. Asuka got the better of trading strikes, hitting the Pop-up Knee Strike. Bayley set up on top but Bayley shoved her off to hit the Top Rope Elbow Drop for a near fall. Bayley hit a Spinning Back Elbow that set up a Sunset Flip to send Asuka into the corner. Bayley mocked Kairi Sane with marching but ended up running into a Flying Armbar transistioned into the Asuka Lock which got the tap-out. Asuka bailed from the ring when Banks tried to attack.

SHAYNA BASZLER was a part of the Raw Underground segment. Easily beating up three opponents.

Final Thoughts: As always, a great showing between Asuka and Bayley even with the expected outcome to confirm Banks and Asuka one more time at SummerSlam. It should be interesting to see what they’ll do next week for one last dose of hype before the Pay Per View.

Elsewhere Mickie James made a welcome return but we’ll see if a Natalya feud leads to anything, considering how much Natalya and Lana were taken off of TV since being put together. The Riott Squad appear to be back on the bricks again despite teaming up last week while Peyton Royce (who if rumours are to be believed has a fan in Mr. McMahon) gets a win.

To be brutally honest Bianca Belair did not have a good showing in this match where as Zelina Vega shined despite doing down with the loss. Belair paused and stalled noticably during the match and had chunky spots compaired to Vega’s smooth and attention grabbing moves. Perhaps there was a reason after all why Belair vanished for so long off of Raw so soon after her debut?

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop by again in seven days time for the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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