WWE’s Renee Young & Kayla Braxton Confirm Testing Positive for COVID-19

Scary news coming from the recent tapings of WWE TV as two WWE on screen stars and interviewers have confirmed they are among dozens rumoured to have tested positive for COVID-19.

In seperate tweets, both RENEE YOUNG and KAYLA BRAXTON confirmed they had tested positive for the potentially deadly desease. In Braxton’s case it’s the second time she’s tested positive for it.

Young’s tweet stated: “Man. What a few days. My show gets cancelled and I get Covid. Wear your masks and wash your hands. Stay safe, everyone”

Braxton posted: “Was keeping it quiet but since everyone else is sharing, I feel like it is my responsibility to share this PSA: YOU CAN GET COVID-19 MORE THAN ONCE! I had it back in early March and then thought I was invincible after I recovered. Not true. Dont be dumb like me.”

The WWE has so far refused to confirm how many people or who, including Superstars, have tested positive and are still continuing with planned tapings.

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