WWE.com Monday Night RAW August 10th 2020 Preview

Asuka faces Bayley with a SummerSlam title opportunity hanging in the balance

Asuka is out for payback on Sasha Banks & Bayley, and The Empress is set on reclaiming her Raw Women’s Title. But to challenge The Boss at SummerSlam, she’ll have to get through SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley first.

The Empress of Tomorrow hasn’t forgotten the brutal beatdown Bayley put on her close friend Kairi Sane, and she will certainly be looking to make Bayley regret it. But will retribution blind Asuka and cost her a chance to reclaim her title?

Mickie James returns tonight on Raw

Mickie James will make her return tonight on Raw!

The former WWE Women’s Champion and Divas Champion has been gone for more than a year. What exactly does Mickie have in store for the WWE Universe?

Bianca Belair looks to beat the truth out of Zelina Vega

Bianca Belair was furious after it was discovered that her husband, Raw Tag Team Champion Montez Ford, was poisoned before his match with Andrade last Monday. The EST of WWE pointed fingers at Zelina Vega, Andrade & Angel Garza’s manager.

While Vega denied having any involvement in the poisoning, Belair isn’t buying it. She’ll be out to beat the truth out of Zelina when they square off this Monday on Raw. Will Belair get the answers she’s looking for?

What will RETRIBUTION’s next move be?

Last Monday, the mysterious group known as RETRIBUTION sent their first message to the WWE Universe, setting fire to the generator at the WWE Performance Center. Friday on SmackDown, the menaces crashed the blue brand and absolutely destroyed it, terrorizing the audience, chasing off the commentary team and camera men with baseball bats and pipes before spray painting the ringside area and carving through the ring ropes with a chainsaw.

If it wasn’t clear before, it is now. RETRIBUTION is here to wreak havoc on WWE. What will their next move be? Can anyone stop them?

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