WWE 2K Battlegrounds: Press Release Breakdown, Creation Suite & More #WWE2KBattlegrounds

Hey and welcome back to the Revelleution and some brand new WWE Battlegrounds news as earlier today 2K unveiled a brand new trailer for their upcoming Battlegrounds game along with a bunch of news including that anticipated release date and pricing as part of their official press release.

If you want to know our thoughts on the brand new battlegrounds trailer be sure to check out our Previous WWE Battlegrounds post where we go over today’s trailer and some of the little things you might have missed. With all that out of the way let’s break down the official press release and what 2K had to say on the news, starting with the official cover.

The cover for the game takes another look at some of the superstar models for WWE Battlegrounds with Stole Cold and the Rock once again at centre stage, along with a whole host of superstars both past and present all facing off in one of the many eccentric arenas. Now I could be totally wrong and don’t take this for fact but seeing as though everyone is partnered up on the cover with Charlotte taking on Ronda etc, it looks as though WWE Battlegrounds might see the return of intergender wrestling matches as it looks as though Asuka is taking on Kofi Kingston with both superstars performing aerial attacks against one another. Like I say I could be totally wrong on this one, but I can’t help but find it odd that everyone else is partnered up yet these two superstars are just doing their own thing in the background.

Moving on 2K also confirmed the official release date for the game, with Battlegrounds coming to stores at a much earlier date than expected with a release date of September 18th for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Stadia and the Nintendo Switch. Interestingly there’s no official confirmation of the next gen consoles but hopefully we get more information in the coming months.

For players who do want to get their hands on the game, pre-ordering WWE Battlegrounds prior to the September 18th release date will unlock the Battleground’s Pre Order Bonus, WWE Hall of Famer Edge, who recently made his return to WWE at this year’s Royal Rumble PPV. Unfortunately Unlike 2K’s previous WWE video game Series, Battlegrounds won’t have a collector’s edition option to purchase but will have its very own digital deluxe edition which comes with the pre-order Edge Bonus as well as “all versions of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock and Ronda Rousey, all of which will be unlocked from the moment you start the game. The digital deluxe also rewards fans with 1,100 golden bucks which can be used to unlock superstars, items and more. If the digital deluxe seems up your street you can pick up the game for £44.99 with the standard edition retailing at the price of £34.99.

Unlike previous WWE spin-off titles such as Mayhem and Immortals which only had a pool of superstars to choose from, WWE Battlegrounds will come with an initial roster of 70 superstars at launch, with additional superstars being added to the game post release. As part of the press release 2K confirmed the addition of Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Asuka, Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton, Andre the Giant, The Undertaker, Mankind, Shawn Michaels, Yokozuna and Sgt. Slaughter. These 14 superstars join the previously revealed John Cena, The Rock, Big Show,The Fiend, Ronda Rousey, Edge, Braun Strowman, Kalisto, Samoa Joe, Sasha Banks and Nikki Bella who have all been confirmed thanks to a bunch of promotional material shown so far. That brings the official women’s roster to a total of 6 female superstars so far with Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Asuka, Ronda Rousey, Sasha Banks and Nikki Bella being the first to be officially confirmed. I have no doubt that the women’s roster will indeed double if not triple in the coming weeks and here’s hoping we get even more female legends like Nikki Bella.

Moving onto Gameplay according to the press release the gameplay for Battlegrounds has been designed as an action arcade pick up and play brawler which also offers a deeper experience for those players who are more advanced and familiar with the playstyle. Along the way players will get the opportunity to hone their techniques over time and unlock a variety of different skills. 2K also revealed that Battlegrounds will feature superstar class systems such as the Powerhouse, Technician, High-Flyer, Brawler and the All Rounder, with each class featuring their very own fighting style with varying combat moves, strengths and weaknesses.

As well as players having the option to choose a superstar class of their fancy, players can also decide on an arcade inspired powerups for their superstar with lightning, flaming fists, ice breath and earthquake animations being among those available all with their very own over the top effects and animation. If power ups weren’t enough to seal the deal on the over the top action, superstars can also use a variety of ‘weapons’ such as steel chairs, guitars, motorbikes, cars, alligators and even a helicopter.

As part of the release 2K also lightly touched on the initial game modes for WWE battleground starting with the usual Exhibition mode which allows players to compete in a variety of matches along with 3 other superstars be it AI or online multiplayer. Speaking of online, players can also compete in the King of the Battleground mode, which is an online last man standing event in which 4 players start out the match in the ring, with another 4 superstars surrounding ready to compete in an all-out gauntlet match. If you’re looking for something a little meatier, players can also try out the WWE Battlegrounds Campaign mode which will see fans taking control of seven new WWE hopefuls as they all compete in a chance to earn a WWE contract. As you progress throughout the mode you’ll unlock a variety of new arena’s inspired by a whole host of worldwide locations such as the Everglades, a military bootcamp, Mexico, New York and the recently revealed Scotland arena. To help your budding newbies along the way, on-screen WWE legends such as Paul Heyman and Stone Cold Steve Austin will offer their guidance and advice as you attempt to become the next big thing in WWE. Speaking of legends, for the first time ever WWE Battlegrounds will feature the vocal talents of none other than Mauro Ranaulo, as he provides commentary alongside WWE hall of Famer, Jerry “The King” Lawler.

After weeks after quizzing from the WWE Universe, 2K officially confirmed that there will indeed be a creation suite for WWE Battlegrounds, with fans having the ability to create their very own custom superstar complete with their very own over the top style and moveset. While it may not be official it looks as though players will also have the opportunity to create their very own crate for Battlegrounds, which seems to be the means of superstar entrances after weeks of speculation. As well as customizing their superstars, players can also customize their very own arenas to give each and every battle their own unique feeling. It’s unknown at the moment if this is purely in relation to choosing your favourite weapons in the style of the 2K weapons wheel or if the game will allow you to create an entire arena from your own imagination.

It might not seem like it at first but once you break down all of today’s news including the trailer, we actually have quite a bit of information here and I don’t know about you but I’m actually a bit excited to see how this pans out. Sure it may not be the WWE title that we’re used to but you have to bear in mind that this title was in development alongside what would have been WWE 2K21 and was meant to be a complimentary experience. Due to the fact WWE Battlegrounds is so over the top and designed to be a pick up and play title, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a brand new audience emerge for WWE battlegrounds and even possibly fans who aren’t even your run of the mill WWE fans.

So that’s our breakdown of today’s WWE Battlegrounds news, and I’m really intrigued to see what you at home make of it. Are you a fan? Is WWE Battlegrounds not your thing? Either way let us know in the comments below because I’m intrigued to know either way.

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