RAW RECAP 31/08/20: Just When You Think 2020 Can’t Get Any Worse… IIconics Vs Riott Squad, Lana Vs James

Welcome one and all the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! Payback is in the history books and The Golden Role Models have lost perhaps their most important piece of gold. Bayley and Sasha Banks lost the Women’s Tag Team Championships to Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Meaning that Banks and Bayley cannot show up on Raw without the ability to defend on all brands. So where will that leave things with the women’s division in Raw? Who will step up to challenge Asuka? Let’s get into it, and find out…

SARAH SCHREIBER interviewed the new Women’s Tag Team Champions NIA JAX and SHAYNA BASZLER who clearly aren’t on the same page. ASUKA showed up much to the tag champ’s anger, but Asuka didn’t back down.

CHARLY CARUSO interviewed Asuka in the ring but Asuka seemed to laugh off the idea of anyone being particularly worthy of challenging her. MICKIE JAMES interrupted and made it clear she was coming after the title. NATALYA and LANA came out and both objected to James’ claims. Asuka seemed ready to take them all on, but the heels jump started an attack. James and Asuka easily dispatched them with Asuka hitting a Hip Attack to send Lana off the apron, while still wearing the women’s title no less!

Women’s Singles Match

Natalya distracted to Lana could get the early chap shot advantage. Asuka was on guest commentary but her headset wasn’t even on as Lana controlled, hitting a Suplex of all things for a two count. Before roughly pushing James down with an arm hold. Asuka commented that while James was a legend, she was the champion.

James came back with the Lou Thesz Press with punches, then house of fire Clotheslines. Lana stomped James’ foot to avoid the DDT, but moments later James connected with the Mick Kick for the victory. Much to Natalya’s horror.

Schreiber interviewed THE IICONICS about the losers must disband, winners get a title shot match as they described their history and included pictures of them together. Kay described the Squad as snot-nosed holligans.

Women’s Tag Team Match – Winners get Future Tag Title Shot, Losers Must Disband
The Riott Squad (LIV MORGAN & RUBY RIOTT) defeated The IIconics (BILLIE KAY & LIV MORGAN)

Riott and Kay started as Kay tackled Riott down. A quick tag to Royce as the IIconics used their old Facebuster to the knee double team for a near fall. Riott fought out of the corner, ducked the Royce Roundhouse and got the tag. Morgan hitting an Enzigiri, before a Jumping Back Elbow to the corner then a Dropkick to the back as Royce was on the ropes for a two count.

Royce used a hairpull to get control, and a tag allowed for Double Team Kicks to Morgan. Kay choked Morgan in the corner then hit her modified Suplex for a near count. Morgan came back with a low Enzigiri and got the tag, Riott sending Kay into Morgan’s knee. Royce tried to run in but Morgan cut her off. Riott and Kay then exchange pin hold counters before Riott used a stacked pin to finally get the three count. The IIconics left distraught as they were forced to disband while the Riott Squad celebrated and motioned they were going for the tag titles.

ZELINA VEGA (and a reality TV star) accompanied her clients Andrade and Angel Garza for a Tornado Tag Team Match against The Street Profits. The match ended with Garza fleeing with the reality star when the lights flickered and Retribution stormed the ring, attacking Vega as well as the male Superstars.

Kay and Royce looked saddened as they were ‘ringside’ at Raw Underground as JESSAMYN DUKE easily handled ‘Avery Taylor’ before MARINA SHAFIR dispatched a nameless foe. Royce however seemingly already has moved on from The IIconics as Royce shoved Kay into the ‘ring,’ much to Kay’s horror, to be KO’d by a Duke kick.

Final Thoughts:

Wow, they really split up The IIconics, one of the few actual tag teams the WWE has in the women’s division, just on an unhyped, decided that night stipulation. Ouch. There have been rumours of the WWE brass seeing Royce as a big solo star but they did The IIconics real dirty tonight. And even worse rushed an apparent turn between the two with Royce ditching Kay at Raw Underground. They deserved a lot better than this.

Meanwhile, I would love to see Asuka against James. They have history from the NXT Takeover match they had years ago that provides easy hype. However a Triple Threat involving Natalya could be fun too. Plus, for the third straight week we saw Lana getting knocked out by a Mick Kick! I never get tired of seeing that!

That’s your lot for this week. Be sure to stop by in seven days for the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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