RAW RECAP 29/06/20: Clash of the Challengers Against Champions – Asuka/McIntyre Vs Banks/Ziggler, Royce Vs Riott

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! Last week saw a new direction taken for the women’s division as Charlotte Flair was written off of TV with an injury, while Sasha Banks challenged Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship. That match will take place at Extreme Rules, where tag partner Bayley will defend her singles gold against Nikki Cross. For this week, a ‘double contract signing’ was promised featuring Asuka and Banks, so surely the expected brawl will happen? Well let’s get into it, and find out…

Raw kicked off with a contract signing brawl in progress as ASUKA tried to fight off both BAYLEY and SASHA BANKS. Things settled down briefly with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre involved but soon enough broke down with the faces clearing the ring.

Angel Garza’s attempt to sway female referee JESSIKA CARR didn’t work out, while the backstage segment led to CHARLY CARUSO interviewing ZELINA VEGA and her clients. But when Big Show interrupted the trio turned their attention to him but a fight didn’t happen as the Viking Raiders came out. Vega did some guest commentary for the match as once again Andrade and Garza showed major issues again as Andrade nearly walked out on the match. They won the match but the issues were clear after the match as Andrade left on his own.

There was a recap of events from last week with Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott, Lana and Natalya. THE IICONICS mocked RUBY RIOTT backstage, trading insults as Riott challenged one of them to a fight and acted in a clear babyface manner.

SARAH SCHREIBER interviewed Asuka and Drew McIntyre.

LANA tried to talk with Ruby Riott to recruit her but Riott blew her off.

Women’s Singles Match

Kay distracted early so Riott took a Roundhouse Kick before Royce worked over Riott’s arm. Kay was an over the top cheerleader at ringside as Royce kept control with a grounded Hammerlock. Leading to a Hammerlock Back Suplex for a near fall, much to the IIconics’ rage. Royce missed a wild charge as Riott came back with strikes then a STO for a near fall.

Kay distracted again but Riott countered the sneaky pin from Royce into a Crucifix for a two count. Right after, Royce hit a big Leaping Enzigiri then a wicked Final Cut Spinning Brainbuster for a big win.

Zelina Vega again accompanied her clients as they faced The Big Show in a Handicap Match. But there was more friction as Garza walked out after a bling tag, leaving Andrade to get Chokeslammed as Garza walked Vega away from ringside.

Mixed Tag Team Match
WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion SASHA BANKS (w/h Smackdown & Women’s Tag Team Champion BAYLEY) & Dolph Ziggler defeated Raw Women’s Champion ASUKA & WWE Champion Drew McIntyre

Bayley joined for some guest commentary as the men started off. Banks was tagged in, bringing in Asuka with some shoving to start off before rope work and counters including Banks going for the Banks Statement but Asuka countering to try for the Asuka Lock. After a commercial the men were back in action.

Banks was tagged in and Asuka went into House on Fire mode with a Dropkick, Pop-up Knee Strike, Hip Attack in the corner and a German Suplex. The Sliding Kick got a two count for Asuka. A Hip Attack sent Banks off the apron before a childish distraction from Bayley allowed Banks to sweep a leg to take Asuka down, leading to a Meteora off the apron. It only got a two count back in the ring as Banks kept control with a Suplex for another near fall, then later the Double Knee Drop spot in the corner for another two count.

Banks hit her High Knee but Asuka instantly came back with a Snap Codebreaker before tags were made to the men. Banks got a blind tag in and mouthing off at McIntyre left her open for a Roundhouse Kick for a near fall. Banks countered the Asuka Lock and more counters came which eventually led to Banks using a counter clutch pin to the Asuka Lock to give Banks an upset win.


An unexpected, if not slightly weak, win off a pinhold for Banks but it did its job to establish Banks as a (pun intented) legit threat to Asuka as we head towards Extreme Rules. Banks and Asuka worked very, very well together and hopefully we’ll see that translate to an awesome match at the PPV.

Elsewhere I’m not sure where all this stuff with Lana, Riott and Morgan is leading to. Sure it wouldn’t hurt the WWE to have other tag teams in the women’s division but I can’t say any storyline centered around Lana thrills me after the horror show of Lana’s marriage issues over the past year. So far it’s a hard pass from me, but at least the Riott versus Royce match showed off Royce’s underrated ability. That finisher was nicely done.

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop by in seven day’s time and we’ll cover it all with the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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