RAW RECAP 28/09/20: Blondetourage 2.0? Future Tag Champs? – Rose/Brooke Vs Lana/Natalya, Asuka Vs Vega Title Rematch

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! The Clash of Champions event is in the history books and both Women’s Champions retained their titles as Asuka defeated Zelina Vega, while (due to Cross being not cleared to compete) Bayley got DQ’d against surprise challenger Asuka to keep her gold. But not before Sasha Banks made a return to attack Bayley and get a measure of revenge. However, the Women’s Tag Team Titles weren’t defended at all with both Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler not being cleared either. The WWE doesn’t rest however, as a title rematch between Asuka and Vega has already been booked for Raw! So will it be second verse, same as the first for Asuka? Or will Vega pull off the upset at the second time of asking? Let’s get into it, and find out…

WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match
Raw Women’s Champion ASUKA defeated ZELINA VEGA to retain.

Before the match CHARLY CARUSO interviewed Vega but Asuka interrupted. The women traded mount punches early before Vega had to go to the ropes to break an Armbar. Vega tried targetting the arm as she did last night, getting Asuka into a Grounded Octopus hold. Asuka eventually broke free into a pinhold for two, and soon after Asuka caught Vega with a kick as Vega lept off the apron. Back from commercial Vega was in control with strikes but slapping Asuka just fired her up as she hit the Pop-Up Knee Strike. Then the corner Hip Attack, German Suplex and a Sliding Kick for a near fall.

Vega ducked a High Kick then locked on a Kimura Lock while clutching onto Asuka but a Suplex counter got out of the hold. Vega countered the Asuka Lock with a clutch pin but Asuka almost applied the hold as Vega got to the ropes. Asuka for some reason bickered with the ref, allowing Vega to hit a Backstabber but Asuka got a foot on the ropes. Vega went for a Moonsault but ate knees, and an Asuka Lock instantly after got the win.

Vega’s night got worse as as she was helped to the back her former client Andrade tore into her with a promo.

AALYAH MYSTERIO was featured more in family drama as text messages between her and Murphy were revealled as Seth Rollins continued to target the Mysterio family.

NATALYA and LANA went to the ring, as they demanded that they be handed the Women’s Tag Team Championships. WWE Official Adam Pearce cut that idea off, and told them they could earn a future title shot if they beat the newest members of Raw – MANDY ROSE and DANA BROOKE who has apparently been randomly traded to Raw from Smackdown.

Women’s Tag Team Match

Rose and and Brooke kicked things off, with Brooke getting a Handspring Elbow to Natalya in her team corner. Rose tagged in then tagged out but hit a Suplex, allowing Brooke to kit a Cartwheel into a stomp to the head. A bling tag allowed Lana to grab Brooke by the hair for a cheap shot, and scored two off a High Kick. The heels stomped away at Brooke at their corner. Lana hit a Slide into a kick as Natalya held Brooke for a two count.

Lana worked over Brooke with a rest hold, but eventually Brooke hit an Enzigiri that allowed her to tag out. Rose went into House on Fire with Clotheslines to Lana and knocking Natalya off the apron. Rose hit a nasty looking Reverse Gutwrench Suplex that dumped Lana onto her face for a two count. Brooke took down Natalya and in the ring Rose hit a rough Pump Knee that hit Lana’s chest for the win.

Caruso interviewed Rose and Brooke as Rose claimed Brooke has always had her back, and both women gushed over one another. Rose said they were coming for whoever emerged as the Women’s Tag Team Champions between Riott Squad against Jax and Baszler.

BIANCA BELAIR got another hype video showing her doing track and field events being the fastEST.


Vega and Asuka’s quick feud looks to have already ended with a match just as enjoyable as the Clash of Champions one. We’ll see who steps up to face Asuka next but if rumours are to be believed Peyton Royce is high with WWE officials. I would have thought Rose would be a singles star on Raw right out the gate but pairing her with Brooke is a great move as both of them are supremely underrated performers and very likeable. A new era Blondetourage would certainly work well as a babyface duo, and goodness knows the WWE needs tag teams since they keep splitting them up. I’m all for this duo.

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop by in seven days time for the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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