RAW RECAP 27/01/20: The Queen’s Decision… Or Not! – Asuka Vs Flair, Lana Vs Morgan

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! The Royal Rumble is in the history books and fending off opponents from Raw, Smackdown, NXT and NXT UK Charlotte Flair emerged as the winner of the Royal Rumble Match. That sets us on the road to WrestleMania but which brand’s Championship will she compete for? And will Liv Morgan finally get some revenge over former ‘love’ Lana as they fight one on one? Let’s get into it, and find out…

CHARLY CARUSO interviewed BECKY LYNCH backstage. Lynch vowed that if Flair picked the Raw Women’s Championship to fight for then it would be Flair’s last challenge. Lynch then showed off a new custom logo on the back of her jacket – her as the GOAT, of a red haired goat animal face.

ZELINA VEGA directly stopped Andrade from losing the US Championship to Humberto Carrillo when she broke up a pin attempt, handing Carrillo a DQ win. Carrillo took out his rage on Andrade, getting payback by hitting him with his own Hammerlock DDT onto exposed concrete to leave Vega in hysterics. It’s been revealled that Andrade has been suspended for Wellness Police violation, so we might not be seeing Vega either for some time if her client isn’t arround.

CHARLOTTE FLAIR went to the ring for a very typical, Heel-style gloating promo. Teasing an announcement of her decision, but claiming she was still thinking about it. This brought out THE KABUKI WARRIORS as Asuka claimed if she’d been in the Women’s Rumble she would have won. Flair took this as a challenge, but got attacked as the Warriors hit a Double Team Suplex to send Flair rolling to the outside.

Singles Match
CHARLOTTE FLAIR defeated Tag Team Champion ASUKA w/h KAIRI SANE by DQ

Askua and Flair worked a nicely lengthy match that was scrappy at points. Flair tried to target the knee early but Asuka was able to counter and avoid it. At one point, Asuka was up top and Flair went after her but got ‘shoved’ off to the floor, but Asuka didn’t make the pushing motion quick enough so it more looked like Flair just lept off the top.

The finish came when Asuka was trapped in the Figure Four and tried to shuffle her way to the ropes. Flair bridged back for the Figure Eight and having seen enough, Sane went up top to hit the InSane Elbow on Flair to cause the DQ. Despite taking the move, Flair (barely selling) managed to get the better of Sane by dispatching her with a Big Boot.

KELLY KELLY off her Royal Rumble appearence was in a backstage skit with The Street Profits.

Singles Match

Rusev and Bobby Lashley were both banned from ringside. Lana caught Morgan with a Roundhouse Kick early but only got a two count. Morgan would rally back soon after, hitting an Enzigiri that set up a Double Stomp to the back spot in the corner. Soon after, the short match came to an end when Morgan hit an impressive Rope Rebound/Back Springboad Flatliner to beat Lana clean.


Lana versus Morgan was quick, painless and essentially a Morgan showcase as it should have been. Showing Lana isn’t up to much stuff without playing off of someone else. The WWE clearly has high hopes for Morgan so let’s hope this trend continues.

The WWE had Flair cut a clear Heel promo, then had her face a Heel with a typical Heel doubleteam finish. Flair might have won the Rumble but she’s a lost character without clear direction. The WWE needs to decide quick, or else the fans will continue to turn on her and decide for them which won’t be the outcome Flair or the WWE likely wants.

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop by in seven days time for the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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