RAW RECAP 22/06/20: Championship Monday Leads to New Challenges – Flair Vs Asuka, IIconics Vs Banks/Bayley

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! The ongoing issues between Asuka and Charlotte Flair will come to a head this week as they finally face of with the Raw Women’s Championship on the line. But after the so-called ‘fast count’ finish from last week, will Nia Jax have anything to say about this? Plus, The IIconics will finally get their two-on-two title shot for the Women’s Tag Team Championships against the Two Woman Power Trip of Bayley and Sasha Banks. It’s a jam-packed line-up so who will emerge still holding their gold? Let’s get into it, and find out…

NIA JAX came out and demanded a chair and seemingly set up a protest sit-in as she sat in the ring. Bitterly saying that it must be Monday because Charlotte Flair got whatever she wanted without deserving it. She tried to rant some more but R-Truth’s entrance cut her off, and Truth ranted in his mad style before being chased away by ‘ninjas’ (blame the new head of creative of Raw).

CHARLOTTE FLAIR herself came out and taunted Jax for dropping the ball. They traded petty insults that were more of the same old, same old. Jax claimed Flair has never beaten her and she’s only gone after ‘easy’ targets. Having heard enough Flair kicked off a brawl that referees broke up which somehow caused Flair’s arm to be hurt despite only strikes being thrown in the fight.

ZELINA VEGA seemingly had her sights set on the Raw Tag Team Championships as she seemed to ponder a plan, appearing after The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders had a backstage face-off. This was proven true when her clients attacked the victorious Profits much to her grinning approval.

CHARLY CARUSO interviewed Flair who came out of a trainer’s room selling the new injury with tape over her shoulder, and then Caruso got answers from Vega and her clients as they made it clear the tag titles were their target.

Raw Women’s Championship Match
Raw Women’s Champion ASUKA defeated CHARLOTTE FLAIR

Flair controlled early with basic offense while Jax was seen watching on from backstage. Asuka soon targetted the arm with a wringer and an arm snap before hitting kicks. Asuka missed a Hip Attack to the ropes and Flair caught her with a strike, before again Asuka used the hurt arm snapping it on the top rope. Leading to a sliding Kick along the apron but a follow-up Dropkick off the apron hit nothing but floor. Back in the ring Flair got a near-fall then applied a Figure Four Headscissors to do the head plants.

Flair went for a Moonsault but landed on her feet after Asuka rolled away, and soon hit the backbreaker into the Flatliner into the corner combo. Back from commerical Flair was choking Asuka against the ropes, but soon Asuka came back with a German Suplex. Asuka hit kicks to Flair’s arm but was shut down with a Big Boot. A wild charge had Asuka dodge to send Flair’s hurt shoulder into the corner. Flair fought out of the Flying Armbar, getting to the ropes.

Flair got a low kick and a chop clock, before hitting a rough looking Spear but Asuka got a rope break on the pin. Asuka countered the Figure Four into a Triangle Choke, and when Flair Powerbombed out of it Asuka quickly countered with the Asuka Lock on the bad arm to force the submission. Leaving Flair distraught and Asuka joyful. Backstage Jax said she planned on kicking the Queen while she’s down.

Jax made good on her promise, attacking Flair and slamming the hurt arm with the lid of an equipment case.

NATALYA interrupted SARAH SCHREIBER‘s attempt to update, ranting that she needed to be the new locker room leader, clearly rambling in full Heel mode.

Women’s Singles Match

Off of last week’s segment backstage Lana walked out with Natalya. Natalya controlled early hitting the Discuss Clothesline for a two count and came close to being DQ’d hitting several stomps. Yelling at fans to shut up before applying an over the shoulder Backbreaker to Morgan. Moments later Morgan hit a very nice Headscissors from vaulting backward off the bottom rope to the outside. Lana distracted Morgan, allowing Natalya to hit a cheapshot Chop Block before applying The Sharpshooter for the cowardly win.

Women’s Tag Team Championship Match
Women’s Tag Team Champions SASHA BANKS and Smackdown Women’s Champion BAYLEY defeated THE IICONICS (BILLIE KAY & PEYTON ROYCE)

Banks and Kay started off with seemingly Banks not wanting to start so was caught instantly with the Shades of Kay for a near fall. Bayley pulled Royce out to prevent the Running Knee double team. Banks hitting the high knee as the Champs worked over Kay. Royce holding onto Bayley foot to allow Kay to strike, before Kay held Bayley through the ropes for a Running Knee.

Back from commerical Kay and Bayley were just slugging it out. Bayley getting her running Elbow to the corner in before Royce tagged in, hitting a Fisherwoman’s Suplex for a pin that Banks had to break up. Bayley managed to tag her partner, leading to a Banks High Knee from the apron to Royce before the Role Models hit a Double Team Back Suplex for a near fall. Banks went for Three Amigos but Royce escaped the third, shoving Banks into her partner to knock Bayley off the apron and almost stealing the win off a Roll-up. Banks kicked Kay off, avoiding Fall From Grace and then rolled Royce down into the Banks Statement to get the victory.

After the match the tag champs bragged about their win. Banks admitted she was envious of Bayley Dos Straps, surprising Bayley by saying she wanted a title match. But faking her friend out by saying her challenge for Extreme Rules was for Asuka, and not Bayley. That brought Asuka right out and she accepted. Bayley attacked from behind and the Role Models laid Asuka out with the double team as Banks applied The Banks Statement then posed with Asuka’s Raw Women’s Championship.

Backstage Liv Morgan was confronted by former Riott Squad ally RUBY RIOTT but refusing to let Riott apparently try and make peace, Morgan saying she didn’t Riott making her night worse.


Natalya and Morgan was short but did the job to establish Lana’s new role. The Women’s Tag Title Match was snappy and worked well, and I hope The IIconics can still find a part to play outside of the tag titles now. I think that Flair and Asuka had better outings in the past recently, but this was a solid match. However the WWE’s attempt to ‘protect’ Flair with the arm injury was weak as the announcers didn’t sell how the Asuka Lock hurts the arm enough so basically it looked like a clean win for Asuka. Which all things considered is exactly what Asuka should have gotten anyway.

I’m not exactly thrilled for a Lana-Natalya pairing unless it leads to something (Natalya as a possible filler challenger for Asuka?) but the potential of a Riott Squad reunion could equally be a backwards step or the right move in both Morgan and Riott’s careers since the WWE has handled Morgan’s return so badly since Mania. While Riott has just been loss fodder.

Flair versus Jax doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence. Flair’s previous runs as a babyface have been noticably dire but if it keeps Flair from hogging the title picture then that’s a bonus. Banks against Asuka however is something I can hook up to my veins and I can’t wait to see it. It will be an excellent match. The idea as well of Banks and Bayley really becoming the Two Woman Power Trip I’m all for as well, even if no doubt the Smackdown roster will try and upset such plans.

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop by in seven days time and we’ll have all the coverage with the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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