RAW RECAP 20/01/20: A True Lover’s Brawl – Morgan/Rusev Vs Lana/Lashley, Sane Vs Lynch

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! While the Royal Rumble is fast approaching the focus seems to be more on the current champion and (sadly) the ongoing soap opera feud of Lana and her ex’s. With Lana and Lashley having to finally face Morgan and Rusev in a mixed tag, will this finally bring an end to the saga? And will Becky Lynch be able to get her hands on Asuka? Let’s get into it and find out…

KAYLA BRAXTON and CHARLY CARUSO handled interview duties on the show. That included a typical boasting interview with CHARLOTTE FLAIR about the Royal Rumble Match.

ZELINA VEGA played the lead part in ensuring her man Andrade retained the US Championship in a Ladder Match against Rey Mysterio. Climbing the ladder herself to stop Mysterio from climbing, which allowed Andrade to take advantage and eventually win the match.

Non-Title Singles Match
Raw Women’s Champion BECKY LYNCH defeated Tag Team Champion KAIRI SANE (w/h ASUKA)

Early on The Kabuki Warriors used distraction to get the edge. First Asuka taunting Lynch allowed Sane to nail a chop block on the outside, and moments later Sane distracted the ref so Asuka could whack Lynch in the same leg with Sane’s entrance umbrella. Asuka would then proceed to watch the match while sitting on the top turnbuckle, yelling out to try and distract Lynch.

The action went back and forth between the two, with Sane managing to escape being locked in the Disarmer to nearly steal the win with a Japanese Clutch pin. Lynch eventually had enough, and knocked Asuka off from the corner. Soon hitting a Bex-Ploder Suplex and then locking on the Disarmer for the win.

Post-match Asuka attacked Lynch, locking on the Asuka Lock and then hitting a Buzzsaw Kick to send a message and leave a warning that the numbers game will be against Lynch at the Rumble. SARAH SCHREIBER would interview the Warriors backstage but Asuka yelled in her native tongue, taking exception to being called out for the sneak attack. Before claiming in English that Lynch was not ready for her.

Mixed Tag Team Match
LANA & Bobby Lashley defeated LIV MORGAN & Rusev

Before the match Lana ranted at the fans, demanding they chant for her. Morgan had an early rally before a distraction from Lashley allowed Lana to hit a rough looking Roundhouse Kick to take control. Lana even hit a suplex of all things as she went for multiple covers. After an exchange of slaps and a Double Clothesline spot the women tagged out.

Lashley almost collided with Lana on the apron, but stopped himself. Soon resulting in Lana being able to hit a cheap shot on Rusev to allow Lashley to hit a Dominator before Morgan broke the pin up. Morgan tossed Lana out, and then hit an Enzigiri on Lashley! However, Lana managed to grab Rusev’s leg to distract him, allowing Lashley to hit a Spear and get the win.


Lana hitting a Suplex? Has someone checked the temperature in Hell lately? My expectations for the mixed tag were low, and the contest wasn’t exactly thrilling. It’s hard to see where this feud can go after giving the heels a win like this, but I guess it’ll carry on after the Rumble.

Asuka and Lynch’s story continues to build well with an expected win over Asuka’s partner and more sneak attacks. It will be a shame when this feud is over as it’s so far been the highlight of the reign of The Man so far. I can’t wait to see this match at the Rumble!

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop by in seven days time as we bring you all the fall-out from the Royal Rumble with the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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