RAW RECAP 11/05/20: The Man Goes on Maternity Leave – Lynch’s Announcement, Baszler Vs Natalya, IIconics Return

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! Money in the Bank is in the history books and Asuka claimed the Women’s Money in the Bank briefcase to get herself a title match anytime, anyplace for the Raw Women’s Championship. She might not have to wait long to use it however, as Becky Lynch has been announced as coming to Raw with a ‘major announcement’. Rumours have been swirling about what it could mean for Lynch’s career and the Raw Women’s Championship… So let’s get into it, and find out…

BECKY LYNCH kicked off Raw but she only had the Women’s Money in the Bank Briefcase, and not her title. Lynch sounded emotional right off the bat. “Things about my life are about to change.” She said, and said she’d told WWE brass to ‘raise the stakes’ of Money in the Bank. Lynch thanked the fans for their support and said that’s why she wanted to tell them that she ‘has to go away for a while’.

ASUKA stormed out, demanding answers as she motioned to her Briefcase. Lynch put over Asuka, saying she was happy this was happening to her. Revealling that the Women’s MITB Match wasn’t for a title shot, but the championship itself. Opening up the Briefcase to show the Raw Women’s Championship was inside. After being confused at this, Asuka snatched the title and manically danced around the ‘arena’ in hilarous style while telling “I’m the Champion!”

“You go be a warrior, because I’m going to be a mother!” Lynch said to confirm the rumours. Asuka instantly snapped to full babyface, hugging Lynch and offering thanks. Lynch left the ring still emotional but smiling. Leaving Asuka to celebrate with her new title. Lynch was thanked backstage from CHARLY CARUSO, NATALYA, LIV MORGAN, KAIRI SANE, BIANCA BELAIR and male babyfaces. There was also a short interview with Asuka and Sane celebrating.

There appeared to be some issues between ZELINA VEGA‘s group of clients as Theory and Garza were at odds.

LANA was angered as MVP clearly pitched to be Bobby Lashley’s new mentor.

Women’s Tag Team Champions ALEXA BLISS and NIKKI CROSS hosted A Moment of Bliss on Raw, using their co-branded title defence stipulation. THE IICONICS interrupted the gushing about Mothers in full, classic Iconic mode. “A ginger junior isn’t going to upstage us” the IIconics claimed. In an exchange that featured too manyu awkward baby puns and references, Bliss rejected the challenge for the titles from IIconics but the IIconics refused to leave without getting a match.

Non-Title Tag Team Match
The IIconics (BILLIE KAY & PEYTON ROYCE) defeated WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions ALEXA BLISS & NIKKI CROSS

Bliss and Royce started things off and Bliss got worked over early with double teams and stomps but a Drokpick from Bliss got a break. Cross hauled Royce off the apron for the clubbing blows in the apron skirting spot, setting up a Bliss Dropkick. Peyton took some spots before Kay got a blind tag in, hitting Cross with a hot shot that set up a Roundhouse Kick from Royce that got a two count. Cross got nearfalls off pin counters but got shut down with a Clothesline, before The IIconics literally did the schoolyard shove spot as a double team for a near fall.

Cross continued to get worked over as The IIconics showed off more in-ring skill and double team talent than they’d been allowed to show off in a long time. Bliss got the tag to go House on Fire on Kay. Insult to Injury got a two count that Royce broke up before she sent Cross out with a low bridge. The referee was distracted so didn’t see Kay hit a throat chop to stun Bliss. A tag to Royce before The IIconics hit a modified Magic Killer to beat the tag champions.

SHAYNA BASZLER had unkind words for Lynch backstage, heeling it up. Natalya took exception to her words in a seperate segment, setting up a match.

Singles Match

They started off with chain work and mouthing off. Eventually Baszler lit up Natalya with blows in the corner, then hitting a couple of Suplexes but for barely a one count. Natalya went for The Sharpshooter but Baszler countered trying for the arm stomp but Natalya avoided. A Knee Strike to a kneeling Natalya got the victory, and it left Natalya throwing a fit in the ring.

It was announced that the Women’s Tag Team Championships would be on the line next week with Bliss and Cross defending against The IIconics.


The IIconics didn’t just come back without looking like they’ve lost a step, they’ve come back better than ever and with a very effective, clear double team finish. It might be a little too soon for them to take back the tag titles but with so many weeks to go before Backlash, a storyline over the titles could easily be built from here on out.

The Lynch announcement was smartly done in classy style, with a nice title exchange considering Asuka and Lynch’s past rivalry. The Man had an outstanding run and her dropping of the title in normal circumstances was always going to ruffle feathers. No one can possibly complain about this situation and major congrats go out to Lynch on her upcoming motherhood. Asuka has shined as an over the top heel, and that will easily translate to being the same as a face. One has to wonder how Kairi Sane will fit into things as she seemed in the backstage promo to be staring at the title for a lot longer than she should have, but we will see if that friendship stays in this now unpredictable women’s division on Raw.

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop by in seven days time and we’ll have all the coverage for you with the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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