RAW RECAP 11/01/21: Oh Lord, What You Doing Lacey? – Evans Vs Flair, Brooke/Rose Vs Baszler/Jax

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! After the distraction of Legends Night last week, we can now look ahead to the Royal Rumble event with the likes of Charlotte Flair, Bayley and Bianca Belair all having made their intentions known to being in the Women’s Rumble Match. So who else will put their name in the hat for the all important match? And what will the fallout be from Lacey Evans using Charlotte Flair’s father to steal a win? Let’s get into it, and find out…

Women’s Singles Match
LACEY EVANS defeated Women’s Tag Team Champion CHARLOTTE FLAIR

Before the match SARAH SCHREIBER interviewed Flair as Flair tried to play down her snapping at her dad but she was still rather talking in an unlikeable, heelish manner. Evans then got interviewed as she raved about Flair’s dad, dedicating the match to him. The women started off with a lock up as Flair shoved Evans back. A small package by Flair barely got a one count as Flair looked to humble Evans. Evans went with a kick and got a Headlock, but was shoved off and knocked down with a shoulder check.

Flair blocked a kick attempt, and fired off a round of Chops to Evans. Getting a Knee Strike into the corner which got a two count. Flair borrowed Madison Rayne’s Headscissors Head Slams and kept a Figure Four Headscissors applied. Flipping Evans over three times in the hold. Flair kept control with a rope-aided Knee Drop to Evans’ leg and tried for the Figure Four but Evans got to the ropes to bail out.

Ric Flair’s music hit as he came out despite Charlotte’s claims he would be sat at home, clearly frustrating his daughter. Back from commercial Flair was still in control with Shoulder Thrusts but missed another Knee Drop to the leg, allowing Evans to get stomps in then her vaulting Bronco Buster. Evans took her time, allowing Flair to catch her on the outside briefly before being whipped into the crowd barrier. Back inside Evans mocked the Flair strut but missed a Knee Drop. Locking a Cobra Clutch-like hold but Flair countered into a Back Suplex.

Flair went for another Running Knee Strike to the corner but Evans countered, trying for a Roll-Up but Flair escaped that and caught Evans with a Low Kick. A Queen’s Boot missed as Evans pulled Flair down by the hair. Later Flair rallied back with Clotheslines and a Neckbreaker variation before hitting an Exploder Suplex and kipping up. Knockihg Evans off from the apron with a Queen’s Boot before sending Evans back in. Flair went up for the Moonsault but Evans got up and yanked her down, only for Flair to hit the combo Backbreaker into the corner Complete Shot.

Charlotte hit Natural Selection, but Ric Flair put Evans’ foot on the ropes and yelled for the referee to pay attention. The Flairs bickered before Evans was sent out to the apron as Charlotte countered the Women’s Right. Trying to bring Evans in with a Suplex, Ric Flair tripped his own daughter up by the foot and then held it down as Evans fell into the cover and stole the win! After the match Evans and Ric Flair exchanged high fives and Evans was all over Ric as Charlotte looked on in desbelief. Schreiber tried to get comments from Ric and Evans, but Evans just said something about planning on ‘changing at the hotel’.

RECKONING accompanied the rest of Retribution as T-Bar defeated Xavier Woods.

Tag Team Match

The Sexy Muscle Friends had a cut in promo, as they both announced themselves into Royal Rumble Match. Rose and Baszler started off with Baszler looking to hurt the arm but Rose kicked free to tag out. Jax got a blind tag allowing her to deck Brooke with a body check. Tossing Brooke and hitting a Corner Splash for barely a two count off a cocky cover. Jax applied a Cobra Clutch but Brooke escaped with a Jawbreaker. Baszler got a tag, but couldn’t stop a tag by the faces as Brooke sent her briefly out of the ring.

Rose went into House on Fire mode with a Side Kick, Clotheslines and a Flapjack with a kip up. Carrying Baszler into a corner for strikes, then a Running Pump Knee Strike but Rose was pulled out of the cover by Jax. Jax tagging in, and hit the Samoan Drop but Rose broke up the pin. Baszler took Brooke out with the Swinging Backbreaker, setting up a Corner Splash for both Rose and Brooke from Jax. However, when Jax went up in the corner Baszler tagged herself in to steal the win with the Clutch on Rose as Jax was clearly disgusted by the tag.

ALEXA BLISS used her Fiendish powers to bring an end to the main event fight. Shooting a fireball into Randy Orton’s face.

Final Thoughts:

No Asuka at all on the show, as her continued poor booking since the Summer of last year continues. Although you could say the Ric Flair/Lacey Evans duo might be something creepy, it makes sense especially with Charlotte bad mouthing her Dad after last week. We’ll see if this continues anywhere however. The match itself between Flair and Evans was good, and I think one of Evans’ best matches to date. The women’s tag was a mile-a-minute bout that I enjoyed. Seperating Jax and Baszler might be a good thing if either is setting up as a potential Royal Rumble winner, and even more if Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans are taking the lead heel tag team spot.

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop by in seven day’s time and we’ll have the next edition of the RAW RECAP for you. See you then!

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