RAW RECAP 13/07/20: The Champions Collide Before Extreme Rules – Kabuki Warriors Vs Banks/Bayley

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! We’re just days away from the Extreme Rules Pay Per View and two major women’s title matches on the card. Before then, The Golden Role Models must defend their Women’s Tag Team Championships against The Kabuki Warriors in what’s also a preview as Sasha Banks and Asuka’s clash for the Raw Women’s Championship. Will Banks and Bayley lose their tag gold? Or will they continue their near unstoppable run into the PPV? Let’s get into it, and find out…

CHARLY CARUSO interviewed ZELINA VEGA and her clients. This would lead to a match against The Viking Raiders against Andrade and Angel Garza which Vega was ringside for.

SARAH SCHREIBER attempted to interview RUBY RIOTT but THE IICONICS interrupted to mock Riott for being friendless and having lost to them two weeks straight. Riott introduced a rarely seen face in BIANCA BELAIR as her partner who claimed she didn’t like how The IIconics were ‘acting like they were better then who they are’.

Women’s Tag Team Match

The announcers claimed Belair had been ‘waiting for the right oppertunity’ which must be sports entertainment talk for not used for months. Riott and Royce kicked off with Riott going for pinholds early then her STO for a nearfall. A blind tag allowed Kay to come in and hit Shades of Kay to almost steal the win. Riott got worked over, taking a Spinning Roundhouse but Riott soon came back with a Jawbreaker.

Belair got the tag and went into House on Fire mode on Kay. Showing off her ability with a backflip in to a Shoulder Thrust in the corner, then lifting up Kay to squat while holding her then hitting a Bodyslam. A Handspring Moonsault off the ropes knocked Royce off briefly but she rushed in to break up the pin. Riott hit an Enzigiri to take out Royce. Belair dodged the Shades of Kay then hit the Kiss of Death to get the win.

SHAYNA BASZLER made a return to Raw as she picked a fight with Akira Tozawa’s ninjas. Baszler stating she was done letting people have their fun. Vowing to hit women with a hard dose of reality.

Women’s Tag Team Championship Match
Smackdown Women’s Champion BAYLEY & SASHA BANKS defeat The Kabuki Warriors (Raw Women’s Champion ASUKA & KAIRI SANE)

The tag champs showed their own tribute video before the match. The tag champs jump started the match but the Warriors fought back with double Dropkicks. After a commerical Asuka and Banks started off but Banks kept backing to the ropes then just tagged out. Bayley taking control with hanging Asuka on the ropes to throw her back down, leading to Asuka getting worked over by both opponents. Asuka using the Codebreaker to get the tag as Kairi vaulted off of Bayley to take out Banks then hitting a Blockbuster on Bayley. Sane then hitting an Interceptor on both tag champs before hiting the Sliding D to Bayley for a near fall.

Banks got a blind tag, as did Asuka. Leading to the tag champs being sent out and then the Warriors hitting Hip Attacks each on their opponents. Asuka hit a round of kicks on Banks in the ring for a two count. Asuka hit a Hip Attack in the corner, and Sane was tagged in looking to go up top but Bayley pulling Asuka down distracted allowing Banks to knock Sane off. The Role Models threw Sane out, hitting a Double Team Slingshot to send Sane into the plexiglass.

Banks was in control of Sane coming back from commerical, tagging in Bayley to work over Sane. Banks tagged back in, hitting a vaulting in Meteora to Sane down in the corner for a near fall before Banks mocked Asuka’s dancing. A float over Suplex getting a nearfall before Bayley was tagged in to hit a mocking version of a Hip Attack to Sane. Sane hit a Jawbeaker but Bayley clutched the leg to prevent a tag. A Spinning Backfist finally got the seperation to make the tag as Bayley got a tag too.

Asuka used Hip Attacks on both opponents, leading to a Clothesline to Banks while hitting a Facebuster onto Bayley for a nearfall. Bayley took a Sliding Knee Strike along the apron, and back in the ring it was another near fall. Asuka went up to the second ropes but Bayley yanked Asuka off, and a tag to Banks led to a Running Meteora in the corner for a near fall. The Role Models hitting a Double Team Slam from the Back Suplex position for a two count. Bayley hit a Frankensteiner and wiped out Sane as Banks hit a Crossbody but Asuka rolled through the pin to almost win.

Asuka applied The Asuka Lock and Sane prevented a breakup with the Interceptor on Bayley but Banks managed to roll to the ropes. Sane tagged in, and hit an Axe Kick to Banks through the ropes when she was pushed off from a pin. Asuka nailing a Roundhouse Kick that set up for the Insane Elbow but Bayley pulled Sane out of the ring to break the pin. Sane went back up and hit the Flying Forearm, then an Alabama Slam. A Sliding D was countered into the Banks Statement for a near instant tap-out.

Final Thoughts:

As to be expected, another fantastic match and a great Women’s Main Event that delivered. All four were very good in this bout and it set up the PPV clash between Banks and Asuka well with Banks getting another big win. Very enjoyable stuff.

Belair’s return seems random, and for the storyline that seemed to be Morgan returning to back up Riott only for Ruby to find an unlikely new friend certainly changes things. And Ruby finally gets a win! Hell must have frozen over! Baszler’s return will likely mean she’ll get the SummerSlam title shot at Asuka but we’ll wait and see on that front.

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop by in seven days time and we’ll have all the post Extreme Rules coverage with the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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