RAW RECAP 03/02/20: I Predict a Riott! – Lana Vs Morgan, Asuka Vs Natalya

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! We’re heading ever closer towards WrestleMania, but Charlotte Flair has yet to announce who she’ll challenge at the biggest event of the year. In the meantime, we’ll see Lana and Liv Morgan face off once again in a rematch after Mogan’s impressive victory last week. Will we get answers from The Queen this week? Let’s get into it, and find out…

Singles Match LIV MORGAN defeated LANA

Both women came out alone without Rusev or Lashley back-up. Lana claimed to have a wrist injury early but just faked it to get the edge and a two count off a rough Kick. The fans chanted ‘Rusev Day’ but Lana ignored it. Soon after Morgan came back with her Side Codebreaker, and then the Rebound Flatliner for another quick, impressive win.

After the match, RUBY RIOTT made her return with the old Riott Squad logo on the tron screen. Morgan seemed very emotional at the return but Riott quickly attacked Morgan when she went for a hug, hitting a STO before attacking with strikes. Lana just stood back grinning as Riott hit a Northern Lariat to the back of Morgan’s head. Before Lana picked the bones, hitting an X-Factor as Lana ranted that she was Morgan’s ‘karma’ while Morgan was left seething over the events.

CHARLY CARUSO and SARAH SCHREIBER handled interviewed duties on the show.

ZELINA VEGA introduced her new client Angel Garza (Andrade has been suspended for Wellness Policy violation) who is Humberto Carrillo’s cousin. It led to an attack that Rey Mysterio saved and a match between Garza and Mysterio than ended in no-contest when Garza hit a DDT onto exposed concrete to Mysterio.

CHARLOTTE FLAIR went to the ring to for another bragging promo. She mentioned she’s been both Raw Women’s Champion and Smackdown Women’s Champion. Along with holding wins over their current title holders Becky Lynch and Bayley. When fans chanted ‘Rhea!’ she dismissed the chants claiming she had ‘love’ for NXT. She said she wanted ‘all the gold’.

RHEA RIPLEY then came out with the championship the announcers and the on screen graphic called the NXT Women’s Championship (NXT has dropped the Women’s part from it over recent weeks). Rhea pointed out that Flair has never beaten her, but Ripley has beaten Flair and dared Flair to challenge her at Mania. Flair refused to answer, putting on a smile before walking past Ripley and leaving the scene.

Singles Match WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion ASUKA w/h KAIRI SANE defeated NATALYA

They started off with nice displays of trading counters, chain wrestling and stand offs early including trading leg locks. Fists starting flying when Natayla ducked a Backfist, and then hit a great looking Spinning Sitout Powerbomb for a near fall. Going for The Sharpshooter Asuka bailed to the floor.

Back from commerical Asuka was in control with an Armbar, and a replay showed that a Roundhouse Kick gor Asuka the edge. Asuka hit some ‘Yes’ Kicks but going for a Buzzsaw Natalya got a roll-up for a two count before Asuka took back control with a Savat Kick then an Octopus Hold. A Sliding Knee the announcers claimed was a Shining Wizard for a near fall.

Asuka focused on Natalya’s arm with different submissions. Natalya escaped with a Suplex counter to a Front Choke to get a break. They traded falls with Victory Roll counters, before Natalya hit the Discus Clothesline before locking on The Sharpshooter but Asuka got to the ropes. Natalya still held onto the hold even when Asuka was under the ropes. After Natalya tossed Asuka back into the ring, Sane distracted Natalya enough for Asuka to sneak up and take Natalya down with the Asuka Lock and get the win.

Post-match: Asuka had a mic and ranted in her native tongue but called out Becky Lynch for a rematch for the Raw Women’s Championship. BECKY LYNCH answered the call wearing ‘Deal With It’ meme sunglasses. Lynch said that beating Asuka at Rumble gave her ‘superpowers’ and said the only thing ‘more fun’ than beating Asuka once would be doing it again. Lynch fended off a sneak attack attempt by Sane, claiming ‘See? Superpowers! Eyes in the back of my head!’ before she left proudly, holding up her title on the stage.

The announcers confirmed that Charlotte Flair would appear on NXT this week to respond to Rhea Ripley’s challenge. They also confirmed that Asuka versus Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship would take place next week.


I’d wondered how they could continue the Lana-Morgan feud, and perhaps we’ve gotten our answer with this week. An excellent return for Riott with an easy backstory feud with former Riott Squad member Liv. Plus, it could give Lana an easy out to get back to being a manager and let someone else far more skilled than her to take care of actually wrestling. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Natalya and Asuka, as expected, but on a really fun technical match. I have no issue seeing Lynch and Asuka going at it again. Since we’re unlikely to see any women’s matches at Super Showdown (unless another random, super covered up bout happens). There has to be a distraction on TV before we see who Lynch will actually face at Mania so this works out perfectly.

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop by in seven days time and we’ll have all the coverage with the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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