RAW RECAP 01/06/20: Rough Night to be a Warrior – Kay Vs Cross, Sane Vs Jax, Asuka Vs Flair

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! Backlash is fast approaching with Asuka set to defend against Nia Jax, but before then both women have major matches of their own first. Jax once again facing the other half of the Kabuki Warriors in Kairi Sane. While Asuka faces Charlotte Flair in a Champion versus Champion Match. Who is going to come out on top? And how will The IIconics mess with Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross this week? Let’s get into it, and find out…

CHARLY CARUSO interviewed ZELINA VEGA and Angel Garza. Garza once again shamelessly flirty with Caruso, but was also very handsy with Vega, putting an arm around her a couple of times. Caruso would be gifted a rose from Garza, but her mood shattered when Vega snatched it to rip the petals off to bully Caruso.

There was more interraction between LANA and her husband’s new manager MVP, leading to Lana slapping him. Later Lana was interviewed and she noted that while her husband said for her not be out for his matches, he never said anything about being ringside for MVP’s matches.

KAYLA BRAXTON interviewed new US Champion Apollo Crews in the ring, leading to a title match between Crews and Kevin Owens. That match interrupted when Vega’s men attacked them, leading to a tag bout between Owens and Crews against Andrade and Garza. Crews would once again beat Andrade to win, much to Vega’s horror.

ASUKA was interviewed by Braxton. Between her native tongue, Asuka said she’d “Take the Bully at Backlash” and that Charlotte Flair always stays the same. “The Empress Never backs down to anyone.”

Singles Match
BILLIE KAY w/h PEYTON ROYCE defeated Women’s Tag Team Champion NIKKI CROSS w/h ALEXA BLISS

Before the match backstage the two teams yelled at one another. Cross controlled early with a Cross Body and slamming Kay’s head into each of the top turnbuckles. A Dropkick getting Cross barely a one count. A Shades of Kay Big Boot got a two count. A unique arm-clutch Side Suplex got Kay a two count. Later a discus strike got another nearfall for Kay. After a lengthy rest hold Kay hit an impressive Backbreaker before doing the IIconic posem running the ropes and hitting an Elbow Drop for a two count.

Cross rallied after Kay wasted time yelling at the ref then yelling at Cross. Cross hitting a running strike to the corner then a Bulldog out of it. Cross using the ropes from the apron as she hit a Shoulder Block through the ropes, then a rope bounce Dropkick to Kay still in the ring. However a Top Rope Cross Body hit nothing but canvas. Kay hitting a Sit-Out Uranagi Slam to pick up the IIconic win over the ‘weak link’ of the tag champs (according to the IIconics).

Singles Match

Jax cut a promo in the ring, whining about being attacked, and the speech just got more and more awful as she kept talking and claimed Asuka was a backstabber. Sane had a tribute to the tragically departed Hana Kimura from Sane’s old promotion in Japan Stardom. “Hana-Chan, thank you” written on her entrance umbrella. Asuka watched on backstage.

Sane started off with a Drokick but got soon swatted down. Roughly tossing Sane by the hair. Jax went for the Samoan Drop but Sane applied a Sleeper that actually took Jax down. Sane hit a trio of Axe Kicks then a Backfist to a downed Jax. Jax caught Sane on the turnbuckle, but Sane countered with a DDT for barely a two count. Sane hit the Sliding D into the corner, but Jax went to the floor so Sane could’t go for the Insane Elbow.

Sane went for a Baseball slide but Jax blocked. Slamming Sane’s face into the apron, then dragging her out to dangerously toss Sane into the ringsteps which made the referee rush out of the ring to check on her. (The move actually busted Sane open, as confirmed by Sane on social media.) Back in the ring (editing taking out Sane being attended to) Jax hit a Legdrop to win the match. Asuka rushed to the ring, confronting her Backlash opponent but Jax cowardly backed away.

Champion Vs Champion Match
NXT Women’s Champion CHARLOTTE FLAIR defeated Raw Women’s Champion ASUKA by countout.

Flair cut a promo before the match, vowing to retain at NXT Takeover In Your House. Another typical promo with nothing special to it. They started off with quick chain wrestling which included Asuka going early for the Asuka Lock as Flair countered with a pinhold attempt. Flair ranting about her past wins as she roughed up Asuka, before lighting up Asuka with chops. Asuka avoided a Hip Attack to the corner before starting to target the knee of The Empress with a lengthy attack.

Every time Asuka hit a strike, Flair no sold and just clubbed Flair down until Asuka fired back with a flurry of blows, but still Flair kicked Asuka down. Walking into an Asuka high Roundhouse Kick to level her. Getting the Hip Attack in the corner, a German Suplex, a Buzzsaw Kick then a Sliding Shining Wizard for a near fall. Flair dodged a Missile Dropkick, and tried for Natural Selection but Asuka countered into an Arm Bar. Transitioned into a Triangle Choke that Flair managed to fight out of into a Boston Crab counter.

Asuka flipped out of it, applying a Knee Bar. Flair managing to power out with a Deadlift German Suplex. Asuka got another Flying Armbar into the Triangle Choke, but Flair powered out for a Sit-out Powerbomb for a nearfall much to Flair’s distress. A Big Boot sent Asuka off the apron. Nia Jax making an entrance, distractiong Asuka as Jax had on Asuka’s face mask and green makeup on. Asuka getting counted out, and then after the match Jax running Asuka over for a cheap attack.

Indeed, Lana did come out for the main event much to Lashley’s clear annoyance, but played no part in the match outcome.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Another match, another hurt opponent by Nia Jax taking liberties with her opponent. Sigh. The other matches were good with The IIconics getting a rare clean win that they certainly needed and I’ve really been enjoying the feud with Bliss and Cross. Flair versus Asuka was really nice too with great chemistry and transitions, and count-out finish that protected both.

There wasn’t any Liv Morgan on the show or even a video package or promo. No Natalya and her recent struggles. Two weeks without Shayna Baszler. Bianca Belair has vanished off the map. Has the WWE given up on all of them, already? It’s not a major issue, and we can’t complain with three women’s matches on the same show. But it’s a packed card and with so much talent something’s got to give.

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop by in seven days time for the pre-Backlash edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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