AEW Dynamite Decemeber 23rd 2020 Preview

The Women’s Champion

2020 has been a tremendous year for AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida. She has not lost a one-on-one match the entire year to date, as a matter of fact her only loss as a singles competitor was in a four way championship bout way back on January 1st. Even in a tag team situation, Shida has only lost on three occasions this year and the last of those was just over six months ago; to say she has been one of the most outstanding wrestlers on the AEW roster throughout 2020 would be an understatement.

Yet, despite all that success and the variety of opponents she has had to fend off, for the very first time in her AEW career, regardless of what she may say, Hikaru Shida is shook. To be fair, the mere presence of Abadon is enough to strike fear into anyone and throw them off their game, but when, as witnessed in the video embedded above, she also demonstrates the ease with which she can attack you, well it turns that fear into terror.

Those feelings are what the AEW Women’s World Champion must contend with as she prepares to step into the ring this Wednesday night on DYNAMITE. Shida must not only worry about her opponent, but also about when Abadon will strike next, if she even chooses to do so. The champion has to find a way to set aside hers fears and concerns about “The Living Dead Girl” long enough to focus on adding another win to her already impressive record…

The Wedding

The anticipation for the big announcement has been building for months, the speculation has run rampant, and it is finally here! This Wednesday night on DYNAMITE, The Superbad Couple, with The Best Man Miro at their side, are set to finally announce the date for their wedding!

That anticipation and speculation have certainly been weighing heavily on the minds of The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy after all the engagement they have had with Kip and Miro since the latter’s debut in AEW. Just listen to their words on the subject…

The excitement Chuck, Trent, and OC feel is palpable and, just as Miro was sure to make his presence felt during the Dynamite Diamond Ring Finals between Cassidy and MJF, it is quite possible The Best Friends and Cassidy will make theirs known during this landmark announcement for Penelope and Kip!

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