WWE TLC SmackDown Women’s Championship Match Preview

At WWE TLC, Sasha Banks will once again put her SmackDown Women’s Title on the line against Carmella in an extremely personal showdown. 

For weeks, “The Untouchable One” unleashed a series of sneak attacks on The Boss. In response, Banks surprised Mella during one of her backstage vignettes and unleashed an all-out assault of her own, locking her in the Bank Statement until the she was pulled away by WWE personal.

But when a SmackDown Women’s Championship Match at WWE TLC against Sasha Banks was scheduled to be made official on the Dec. 11 edition of the blue brand, Carmella opted to “borrow” the match contract and deliver the signed version to the ring via a sommelier rather than come in person. This only served to further aggravate The Boss, and she decided to flip the script and make the executive decision to face Mella for the title in the main event of SmackDown in order to get her hands on the self-proclaimed “untouchable” Carmella. 

Later that night, when Carmella’s sommelier decided to get involved in the impromptu title match, Sasha snapped and got herself disqualified as she went after her challenger with a new level of aggression. After the bell, Sasha went even further by locking the sommelier in the Bank Statement. But Carmella used this distraction to regain the advantage and unleash a brutal assault that culminated in her smashing a bottle of champagne on the back of The Boss! Then, taking a drink herself, she dumped champagne on Banks to add insult to injury.

Six-time World Champion Sasha Banks is truly a dangerous titleholder, making history time and time again whether it be in Hell in a Cell, a WWE Iron Woman Match or simply in a one-on-one contest for the ages. Nevertheless, despite the glamour of Carmella, there is also no denying that Mella is still money. She boasts an impressive title resume of her own as a former SmackDown Women’s Champion with wins over elite competitors like and Charlotte Flair and Asuka.  

Will Carmella prove untouchable against the irate Boss? Don’t miss their SmackDown Women’s Title Rematch at WWE TLC, streaming live this Sunday at 7 ET/4 PT on WWE Network.

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