Results: NXT 21/10/20 – Moon Vs Kamea, Li Vs Catanzaro

Here’s the results from this week’s edition of NXT:

EMBER MOON defeated JESSI KAMEA with an elevated STF-like submission. After the match Moon was attacked by DAKOTA KAI.

MCKENZIE MITCHELL interviewed XIA LI and KACY CATANZARO as Li seemed to be too nice for her own good about their upcoming match.

CANDICE LERAE and Johnny Gargano spun their own Halloween Havok wheel to see what their future might hold.

Kacy Catanzaro w/h KAYDEN CARTER defeated Xia Li with a roll-up. Li snapped after the match attacking Catanzaro and Carter but RAQUEL GONZALEZ decked her, and then beat up Catanzaro and Carter too as she sent a message to rival Rhea Ripley.

There were hype videos with IO SHIRAI vowing to beat LeRae no matter what stipulation, and for Ripley Vs Gonzalez at Halloween Havok.

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