Results: Impact Wrestling 06/10/20 – Hogan/Steelz Vs Valkyrie/Rosemary, Grace Vs Raju

Here’s the results from this week’s edition of Impact Wrestling:

ALISHA EDWARDS was part of a backstage segment with former Wrestle House cast members.

JORDYNNE GRACE defeated X Division Champion Rohit Raju with a roll-up. However Raju used the technicality of the ref not holding the title up before the bell to get the decision changed so he stayed as champ. Grace would be added into the Bound for Glory X Division title match as a result.

GIA MILLER handled interview duties. This included intervieweing KYLIE RAE who laid out KIMBER LEE when she interrupted and claimed Susie was a bad person.

ROSEMARY & TAYA VALKYRIE defeated KIERA HOGAN & TASHA STEELZ. Rosemary pinned Steelz with a Wing Clipper.

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