Results: AEW Dark 01/12/20 & Dynamite ‘Winter is Coming’ Special 02/12/20 – Baker Vs Hirsch, Velvet Vs Frost, Bates Vs Garcia, Shanna Vs Price and more!

Here’s the results from this week’s editions of AEW Dark and AEW Dynamite:

AEW Dark 01/12/20

SHANNA defeated TESHA PRICE with a Tiger Suplex.

KILYNN KING defeated KATALINA PEREZ with The Kingdom.

LEVA BATES defeated ALEX GARCIA with a head-clutch Cradle.

IVELLISE defeated LINDSEY SNOW with a Front Face Kick after the roll-through Snapmare.

RED VELVET defeated LADY FROST with a Running Big Boot.

AEW Dynamite ‘Winter is Coming’ Special 02/12/20

BRITT BAKER w/h REBEL defeated LEYLA HIRSCH with the Lockjaw. After the match THUNDER ROSA attacked Baker for a pull apart brawl. During which Rebel got a cheap shot on Rosa, only for Hirsch to take Rebel out with a Back Suplex before Rosa and Baker brawled again.

HIKARU SHIDA was interviewed backstage, claiming to not be afraid of Abadon but she cut the interview short when a crashing noise off camera spooked her.

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