RAW RECAP 30/11/20: Ravishing Queen of the Flukes – Asuka/Lana Vs Baszler/Jax, Reckoning Vs Brooke

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! Lana somehow continues to pick up unlikely wins, and now an even stranger tag team partner. Asuka semi-pittying Lana it seemed to save Lana from another beating from Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. So what will this mean for the Championship picture on Raw as we are weeks away from the TLC event? Let’s get into it, and find out…

ALEXA BLISS hosted A Moment of Bliss with Randy Orton as part of the storyline between Orton and The Fiend. However, this time Orton was able to use The Fiend’s ‘weakness’ of Bliss to avoid getting hurt himself.

DANA BROOKE got a little revenge when she slapped Mustafa Ali as he was ringside for Slajack’s match. Brooke demanding to know where Reckoning was.

Non-Title Tag Team Match
Raw Women’s Champion ASUKA & LANA defeated Women’s Tag Team Champions NIA JAX & SHAYNA BASZLER

Before the match SARAH SCHREIBER caught up with Lana, but she was vague about match tactics. Schreiber also interviewed the tag champs, Jax dismissed the loss last week as a fluke but Baszler was blaming Jax for failing to put Lana through the announce table. Baszler started off against Lana and easily dominated Lana before Lana tagged out as Asuka took out Baszler with a Running Dropkick. There was a very bad looking spot as Lana just held down the middle rope while Jax wasn’t ready for the spot, so just stared before finally moving to tumble down to the floor. It looked so stupid.

Lana and Asuka tried for Baseball Slides but the heels caught both women, and swung their opponents into the barricade a few times. Back from commercial Jax was against Asuka but she tagged to Lana and went for wild, bad looking strikes. A Sleeper attempt was easily swatted down before Jax hit a rough Short-Arm Back Elbow. Lana got tossed then squashed in the corner. Baszler tagged to work over Lana with a couple body shots then working over the leg with a Toe Hold and an Ankle Stomp.

Lana was tossed out and Jax tagged so she could rough up Lana but Lana escaped a shoulder clutch as Jax went into the ringpost. Rolling in at her corner to tag out and trying for the Clutch but Lana managed to charge to her corner to tag. Asuka hitting the Codebreaker on Baszler then a Hip Attack to Jax. Getting a Missile Dropkick off the second rope then a Sliding Hip Attack to Baszler for a two count. Soon after both Baszler and Asuka connected with kicks to take each other out, and Lana tagged herself in as Asuka fell back.

Lana went for, of all things, a Crossbody off the top but Baszler rolled through and locked on the Clutch. Jax tried to stop Asuka but she broke free, running in to hit the Sliding Kick to Baszler to break the hold. Near out of it, Lana managed to roll over and steal the win over Baszler thanks to Asuka’s hard work!

CHARLY CARUSO handled interview duties.

Women’s Singles Match
DANA BROOKE defeated RECKONING w/h Mustafa Ali

Reckoning didn’t get a full entrance, but had a promo video. Reckoning got a dropkick but soon lost her face mask as Brooke fired off with strikes. The match continued anyway with Reckoning hitting a Clothesline then chops to Brooke in a corner before hitting combo strikes of chops and backhands. After a resthold Brooke got a Jawbreaker in, then went into House on Fire mode with Clotheslines and the Handspring Back Elbow. Ali tried to distract but Brooke got a ROLL UP OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM to get the win. After the match Ali bad mouthed Reckoning for the failure as Brooke taunted from the staging.


It seems the WWE has forgotten how many women could challenge Asuka for her singles title, and are forcing her into a tag team feud. Yikes. Lana continues to be unlikeable in this storyline, and constantly picking up fluke wins isn’t helping whatever the WWE is trying to do with her. Meanwhile, a loss on Reckoning’s first match seems like a clear burial, especially after nothing was done with her casting insults at Asuka. Unless something comes from that, it seems like Reckoning could be written out of Retribution soon already.

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop by in seven days time for the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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