RAW RECAP 23/11/20: The Streak Is Broken! – Lana/Asuka Vs Jax/Baszler, Bliss Vs Cross

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! Survivor Series is in the history books as Sasha Banks finally got a clean win over Asuka with a flash pin. Meanwhile Lana managed to escape as the Sole Survivor of the Elimination Match simply by not being tagged in when others eliminated one another. So what does the future hold for Asuka and any future title opponents? And will Lana go through the announce table for a tenth time? Let’s get into it, and find out…

CHARLY CARUSO handled interview duties.

SARAH SCHREIBER interviewed LANA backstage as Lana acted like she’d won a world title (despite doing no work).

ASUKA confronted Lana backstage, as Asuka pounced on the comments made by Sarah during the interview as Asuka ‘accepted’ the challenge to face Lana later for the Women’s title tonight. Much to Lana’s clear horror.

ALEXA BLISS was part of a Firefly Funhouse segment with Bray Wyatt as they murdered a puppet frog.

Raw Women’s Championship Match
Raw Women’s Champion ASUKA defeated LANA by DQ

Before the bell even rang NIA JAX and SHAYNA BASZLER walked out, clearly objecting to Lana getting a title shot to join commentary. Lana barely got a two count off a Cradle, before Asuka hit the Pop-Up Knee Strike. Sliding to the outside Asuka badmouthed with the tag champs before Asuka poured water onto them. They attacked Asuka to cause the DQ. They were going to put Asuka through the table but Lana pulled Asuka off to save her as the faces retreated. Jax grabbed a mic and demanded they get back in, as Baszler chipped in to to demand a tag match.

Non-Title Women’s Tag Team Match
Raw Women’s Champion ASUKA & LANA defeated Women’s Tag Team Champions NIA JAX & SHAYNA BASZLER

The match was joined in progress as hit some ugly looking strikes to Baszler in a corner. Jax made a blind tag and grabbed Lana by the hair as she ran the ropes to take her down. Tossing Lana about a couple of times then a Short-Arm Clothesline. Choking Lana a little then tossing her out, tagging Baszler so she could rough up Lana a bit before sending her back. Lana continued to look pathetic as Baszler twisted her around a bit with a Neck Lock.

Jax was tagged to hit a Corner Splash, then pie-facing Lana a round of times while bad mouthing her. Lana hit wild slaps, only to be easily carried back to the bad part of town as Baszler tagged in. Hitting a Snapmare then a back kick and testing out Lana’s flexibility with a leg stretch. Baszler missed a slide as Lana got the tag. Asuka taking Jax off the apron then hitting a Codebraker to Baszler then the corner Hip Attack. A Spinning Backfist, the German Suplex then the Sliding Kick for a near fall.

Baszler caught the Buzzsaw kick, and soon after got her Kneeling Knee Strike. Jax pulled Lana off the apron and then cleared the annnounce table but for once Lana escaped. Wildly slapping again, at the expense of one of her hair extensions coming flying off. Enraged, Jax wildly charged and ended up tumbling over the announce table when Lana dodged. Baszler grabbed Lana through the ropes, hauling her her to apply the Clutch but Asuka snuck up and rolled Baszler up to get the win off the distraction! Lana ran away all the way up to the ramp to celebrate while Asuka did the similar at the bottom of the ramp as both tag champs were furious. Finally Lana escaped without being put through the announce table!

Women’s Singles Match

There a hype video recapping the downfall of the friendship between Bliss and Cross. Cross was interviewed before the match, with Cross sounding a little heelish as she said she no longer cared about mending a friendship. Bliss messing with Cross by playing slap hands then dodging charges, hitting a Drop Toe Hold before sliding out and making Cross chase her like it’s a game. Cross pulled Bliss out and decked her with a Clothesline on the floor. Sending her back in and stomping away at Bliss before hitting Short Arm Clotheslines but Bliss laughed maniacally as she was between strikes.

Cross was losing it as she hammered away with strikes before hitting a Seated Senton for a two count. Cross kept control with a low Crossbody to Bliss seated in the corner. Bliss started sobbing and Cross fell for it as Bliss hit a version of Sister Abigail off a hug to steal the win.


The streak of breaking the announce table ends! Lana continues to be unlikeable as she recieves this odd burial/push. Just as bad that Asuka seems to be entering into the mix against Jax and Baszler. There are other women who aren’t Jax and Baszler who are heels who Asuka could face, but that seems like too much effort for the WWE. This could lead to a Women’s Tag Title Match at TLC or, perhaps even worse, a Fatal Four Way for the Raw title. I only say worse because it could give Lana an easy out to sneak away with the title.

Meanwhile, Bliss has perfectly adapted to this insane character while Cross looked like a chump for claiming she didn’t care about the friendship but believing Bliss could have regained her senses. Unless Cross turns heel it’s odd to see what else can be done between these two.

That’s your lot for this week! Fell free to stop by in seven days time for the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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