RAW RECAP 20/07/20: Which Champ is Which? – Bayley Vs Sane; Riott Vs Royce

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! Extreme Rules is in the history books and there’s confusion about the status of the Raw Women’s Championship. Sasha Banks stole a ‘win’ after Bayley put on a referee’s shirt and made a count, seemingly giving an unofficial win. Will we have clarity about who the true Women’s Champion is? And will Shayna Baszler make good on her threats from last week? Let’s get into it, and find out…

SARAH SCHREIBER interviewed BIANCA BELAIR, before PEYTON ROYCE (alone!) interrupted to mock Belair for getting in her business. RUBY RIOTT appeared but Royce mocked them both, and triggered Riott by mentioning Liv Morgan.

Women’s Singles Match

Royce yelled about Morgan again and it made Riott tackle her for mount punches then Shoulder Thrusts but walked into a Spinning Roundhouse Kick to lose control. A Back Elbow to a running Riott got a two count. Royce stretched out Riott on the ropes by the arms, and continued to talk trash while hitting strikes. Later, Riott tried for a Sunset Flip but Royce dropped down, grabbing the rope but the referee saw it. Riott reversing for a near fall.

Royce hit a Jumping High Kick, but a leap of faith off the top got nothing at Riott hit the Riott Kick for her first solo win since her return from injury and appeared emotional about the win.

CHARLY CARUSO interviewed ZELINA VEGA and her clients. Leading to a match between Garza and Andrade against The Street Profits but Garza took the loss. Vega would appear later as her clients aided Randy Orton briefly but were chased off by The Viking Raiders.

BAYLEY and SASHA BANKS came to the ring as the ring announcer notably didn’t officially state that Banks was the Raw Women’s Champion. Banks blasted the fans for ‘forgetting’ Asuka was ‘handed’ the title, and claiming that Bayley just did what had to be done to be a referee. Bayley claiming that as the role model she had to do the referee duties as it was the right thing.

The Kabuki Warriors of ASUKA and KAIRI SANE then came out calling Banks a thief and saying the title is hers. Before a fight could break out STEPHANIE MCMAHON appeared on the videoscreen. McMahon declaired that Banks was not the champion, and that next week a rematch would decide who was the true champion. But decided that the title would be lost if there was even a DQ, count out or outside interference.

Non-title Singles Match
KAIRI SANE w/h Raw Women’s Champion ASUKA defeats Smackdown Women’s Champion & Women’s Tag Team Champion BAYLEY w/h Women’s Tag Team Champion SASHA BANKS

The match kicked off with Sane hitting strikes, and faked a backfist to use a Small Package to get a near fall. Soon after Sane used a headscissors counter to send Bayley to the floor, and hitting a Hip Attack that trapped Bayley’s arm against the ropes. Bayley got control back with a Hot Shot to the top rope then stomped and choked away. Bayley controlled with Shoulder Thrusts and pulled Sane out for a near fall. Sane got a Cross Body for a two count, but a Clothesline after shut her down.

A Floatover Suplex got Bayley a near fall and Sane countered another into a Small Package for a two count before another Suplex got Bayley another near fall. Bayley tried to Suplex Sane out fo the ring, but Sane prevented and hit an Axe Kick with Bayley over the top rope before hitting a Double Stomp to Bayley’s back. Sane was in control after a break, going for a Sliding D but Bayley avoided and hit an Arm Braker. Targetting the limb with a pull on the ropes then a Double Wristlock hold.

SHAYNA BASZLER was shown watching backstage as Baszler mocked the idea of her not having a match tonight, claiming she was just like a shark watching prey. In the ring, Sane hit a rough DDT counter to a Suplex attempt. Sane hit a Blockbuster then a Dropkick which set up the Sliding D in the corner. Going up but Bayley cut her off, grabbing the hurt arm to slam it over the top rope and using a hanging arm hold. Sane escaped, sweeping Bayley’s leg to leave her hung up on the corner to take a Double Stomp for a near fall.

Sane avoided crashing into the corner with another Sliding D attempt, then caught Bayley with the Spinning Backfist then the Interceptor Spear. Sane hit the Insane Elbow but with the bad arm, and rolling to a cover Bayley got a foot on the bottom rope. Going for another Interceptor Sane ate a big Knee from Bayley then a Back Suplex. Bayley hitting her Top Rope Elbow Drop but Sane impressively kicked out. Sane then countered the Bayley-to-Belly and used a pinhold to get the upset win.

Final Thoughts:

If you think it’s going to be clear cut that Asuka wins the the match next week, don’t be so sure. The signs had pointed to a Baszler match for SummerSlam and we might get that, but who knows if the WWE will give us the Bayley versus Banks match after all. The stipulation of outside interference making a title change hands could make for an interesting outcome. Just as interesting that Sane got a win here despite this taping from this Raw being her last before heading back to Japan. Perhaps she’ll be written out next week? Sane gave us a great match as a part of her send-off. And Hell must have frozen over! Ruby Riott actually gets a win! We’ll see if there’s any actual destination for her story with Liv Morgan, or if this will just be another dropped storyline.

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop by in seven days time and we’ll have the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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