RAW RECAP 18/05/20: A New Challenger Appears – IIConics Vs Bliss & Cross; Flair Vs Riott, Natalya Vs Baszler

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! Last week saw the shocking announcement from Becky Lynch that was was departing from WWE in order to be a mother. That saw Asuka crowned the new Raw Women’s Champion as a sudden new era was ushered in. But now the show goes on, and this week sees the Women’s Tag Team titles defended as Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross will face the returning IIconics for the gold. Will we see new tag champs? And who will step up to face the new women’s champion? Let’s get into it, and find out…

CHARLY CARUSO hosted an in-ring interview with Randy Orton.

LIV MORGAN cut a short promo who vowed to one day become Women’s Champion.

CHARLOTTE FLAIR came to the ring as we got a recap of the battle of the words between Flair, Bayley and Sasha Banks from Smackdown. Bragging about being the hardest worker in the WWE. She called out Ruby Riott claiming she knew ‘everyone’ had something to say to her, and indeed RUBY RIOTT came out but not to speak, but for a match

Non-Title Singles Match

The match was joined in progress with Flair in control hitting Chops but ended up just hitting the ringpost with one chop attempt. Riott couldn’t take advantage as she got sent into the ringpost soon after. At one point Flair yelled about Liv Morgan, asking if she was watching. Riott used a the leg capture spot in the corner to send Flair into the buckle. A Back Senton off the middle ropes got Riott a nearfall.

Riott hit a Flatliner but Flair for whatever reason oversold it and took it like a DDT to take it skull first. Riott used a Cruxifix to roll Flair over, looking for a Rings of Saturn but Flair powered up. Riott’s tunnel vision for going for Flair’s wrist allowed Flair to counter with stomps. A roll-up off a Big Boot miss got Riott a near fall. Flair then countered the Riott Kick, hitting a stomp and then locking in the Figure Eight for the win.

KAIRI SANE hosted an in-ring celebration for ASUKA with loads of balloon pillars. The two easily turning their over the top act to being babyfaces as Asuka bragged emotionally in a mix of English and Japanese. Sane recounted that Asuka has completed the Grand Slam of Championships. Hilariously, Sane then started playing recorder solo in celebration.

Sadly, NIA JAX interrupted the party being disgusted by the celebration. Jax claimed she was far more worthy of the title. Asuka had heard enough, and sipoatched Jax rather easily with strikes and a Running Hip Attack to leave Jax tumbling to the floor then backing away.

LANA threw a fit backstage over her husband Bobby Lashley getting a new manager.

Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

The IIconics mocked their opponents before the match, showing the finish to the bout from last week. Taunting their opponents over not giving them the title shot last week. Bliss and Kay started off but quickly Peyton came in for attempting double team that Bliss fought off. Bliss hitting a Double Knee Drop before tagging Cross from a Dropkick and a pin attempt.

Kay got a bling tag and decked Cross when she was attacking Royce. A Bodyslam into a Driver got Kay a near fall. Bliss got the tag and instantly went into House on Fire mode with strikes and a Dropkick, leading to Insult to Injury. Royce broke the pin up, but got sent out by Cross who was then decked by a Kay Big Boot. Bliss hit the KO Punch then hit Twisted Bliss. Royce just managed broke the pin up but in a rage repeatedly sent Bliss into the corner shoulder first. As she was the illegal woman the referee decided to DQ Royce but the babyfaces seemed thrilled by the cheap win.

Nia Jax attacked Kairi Sane backstage as she was playing her recorder, sending a message to Asuka. That would lead to Asuka decking Jax later with a Roundhouse Kick again with surprising ease.

The IIconics seemed to be distraught by their loss. An angered Billie Kay actually slapped her BFF but instantly said sorry as the two emotional Superstars hugged. So… Was it a break up or not??

Submission Match

Similar to last week they started with chain wrestling. Both women going for their submissions early but Baszler countered the Sharpshooter with an Ankle Lock but Natalya fought out. Baszler controlled the arm for a period, before just stomping away at Natalya’s gut. Baszler tried for The Sharpshooter herself, but Natalya countered to lock it on herself but Baszler fought to the ropes. But apparently there’s no rope breaks in this submission match so Baszler had to pull out to the floor.

Natalya busted out a Knee Bar, but Baszler got a mount position and escaped. Soon locking on her Clutch finisher for the apparent verbal submission win. Natalya left distraught in the ring even as the ring crew set up for the next segment. Wrecking the Kevin Owens show set as the commentators buried her for her bratty actions.

ZELINA VEGA and her clients were in more drama as they took part in the Kevin Owens show. It led to Austin Theory being kicked out of the group despite Vega claiming they were all on the same page. Vega would be seen again as her attempt to intimidate Andrade’s rival Apollo Crews backfired.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Solid matches this week. But it’s slowly becoming ‘Spoiler: Charlotte Flair wins’ as she keeps being fed win after win when she clearly doesn’t need it. I don’t know where they are going with Natalya and these constant losses but sadly the WWE isn’t giving us reason to care enough about the outcome. The IIconics situation is super confusing. A break-up slap but an instant hug and make up? I questioned last week if the title match was too soon and a DQ finish would lead to a potential rematch but we’ll wait and see.

I did enjoy the quick rivalry build that Asuka and Jax built in the one night. It was done nicely, and it was actually good to see Jax selling and being dispatched rather than the boring bulldozing she did in the past. This might actually make for an interested feud between the two.

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop by in seven days time and we’ll have all the coverage with the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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