RAW RECAP 17/08/20: Unlikely Partner or Future Enemy?- Asuka/Baszler Vs Bayley/Banks, James Vs Natalya

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! Last week Asuka punched her ticket for Summerslam as she scored a win over Bayley to get her rematch against Sasha Banks. However, Asuka went even further as she crashed the triple branded Battle Royale and claimed the win to also get a match against Bayley at the same show for her title! How will the Golden Role Models respond against a woman looking to become a double Champion herself? And who will emerge the winner as Mickie James makes her return to face Natalya? Let’s get into it, and find out…

ZELINA VEGA was ringside for her client Angel Garza’s win over Ivar. In an interview segment with CHARLY CARUSO a video was then shown later that proved Vega was the one who poisoned Montez Ford a couple weeks ago. Later in the show Vega was ringside as Ford faced Andrade but BIANCA BELAIR took care of her as Ford snuck a win.

Women’s Singles Match
NATALYA w/h LANA defeated MICKIE JAMES via count out.

James, despite this being her return to action didn’t even get a televised entrance and only the end of Natalya’s was shown. James tried going after Lana early and Natalya decked her from behind. Lana taking pictures ringside as James was worked over. James then came back with strikes then a Lou Thesz Press. Later on James went for the DDT but was shoved off as both women hit a Clothesline on one another.

Seth Rollins and Murphy came down as their storyline distracted from the match completely even as James hit her corner Headscissors counter. In the ring Lana distracted James, allowing Natalya to knock James off from the corner to the floor, getting a cheap count out win. But the finish happened with the male Superstars still distracting from everything else. That was until Mickie James hit a Mick Kick to floor Lana.

Non-Title Tag Team Match
ASUKA & SHAYNA BASZLER defeated WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions of Smackdown Women’s Champion BAYLEY & Raw Women’s Champion SASHA BANKS

Before the match the tag champs mocked Asuka, as Bayley claimed she’d face Asuka first at SummerSlam so Banks would have an easy time retaining her title. Baszler came out and said she’d have whoever was Raw Women’s Champion and then Asuka interrupted.

Bayley and Asuka started, but Bayley rushed Asuka to their corner so the Role Models could work over their rival. Banks would hit her Pop-up Knee Strike on Asuka and take Baszler out from the apron, but soon after ate a Codebreaker. NIA JAX suddenly appeared, punching a plexiglass wall into Baszler to lnock her down. However, the swarm of referees still didn’t call for a DQ to stop the match as Baszler and Jax went at it into the ‘crowd’.

Asuka hit a Hip Attack to take both opponents out, but after a commerical Asuka was worked over by Bayley with Baszler nowhere in sight. A Double Team Suplex got Banks a two count as the Role Models mocked Asuka being alone. Asuka tried fighting back but ate a Kneeling Meteora that got another near fall for Banks. Asuka was worked over for a lengthy time taking double teams. Bayley went for the Top Rope Elbow but Asuka countered with feet up, and almost got the win off a Crucifix.

Bayley tagged out, and got taken out by an Asuka Spinning Backfist. Banks pounced, getting the Backstabber to float into the Banks Statement. Baszler rushed back down and broke the hold, then took the tag as she hit striked then some wild looking strikes of a Knee in the corner then a Sliding Kick to Banks on the ropes. Baszler went for the Arm Stomp but Banks avoided to get a Roll Up for a two count. Off the kick out Bayley snuck a tag in, and came in to break up the Clutch attempt on Banks. Trying for the Clutch on Bayley led to a Backstabber into the Bayley-to-Belly but Baszler managed to kick out.

Baszler avoided a Double team, sent Banks to the floor then isolated Bayley with a Gutwrench Suplex then a Knee Strike. Rolling Bayley over into the Clutch but Banks broke it up. Taking out Banks with the Asuka Lock on the floor. Bayley tried for the Headlock Driver but Baszler got the Clutch again for the submission win over the Smackdown Women’s Champion (who lost again!).

Women’s Singles Match

No entrance for Riott and barely the end of Royce’s. Riott started with a tackle, then avoided a Roundhouse as Riott hit the STO but went for strikes. Riott hit a Sliding Clothesline to send Royce off the apron then slammed her to the apron then crowd barrier. Trying for it again Royce countered, then sending Riott back in. Royce came back with a nice Sidestep Knee Strike for a two count. Riott came back with strikes, hitting a Running Side Kick to Royce down in the corner.

Riott ran the apron to hit a Crossbody to Royce on the outside. Kay distracted Morgan and Riott, allowing Royce to shove the Squad duo into one another. Then sending Riott back in and hitting Deja Vu to rack up another singles win in two straight weeks.

The two lesser seen members of the so-called MMA Horsewomen MARINA SHAFIR and JESSAMYN DUKE appeared as Shafir defeated Brandi (Lauren) in a Raw Underground ‘match’. However Nia Jax showed up decking Shafir from behind and hitting a Knee to Duke but Jax bailed when Baszler stood up to get a piece of her.

Final Thoughts:

Three women’s matches on one show! Four if you include the ropeless Underground stuff, but still nothing to be scoffed at! They’re obviously building Baszler strong for the expected feud with Asuka. Perhaps we’ll see Jax against Baszler at the Payback even that’s happening the week following Summerslam. The tag match was a fine bout, and although Bayley has taken another loss she’s been so strong that she’ll be able to handle it. The debut of the two lesser seen MMA Horsewomen was rather flat – these Raw Underground segments do little to boost anyone.

James’ return and this emerging feud with Natalya and Lana was ruined by the hijacking by Seth Rollins even as he had his own storyline moment later in the show. Let’s hope James is used better next time because her return was flat here. Meanwhile Royce looked good again picking up a win. Is it too early to say that Royce could be soon in a singles title hunt? She’d be a good heel with Kay helping her to steal wins like this one.

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop by next time and we’ll have all the fallout from Summerslam and the build for Payback with the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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