RAW RECAP 16/11/20: The Team Changes, But One Thing Stays The Same… Baszler/Jax/Lana Vs Asuka/Brooke/Rose

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! Survivor Series is fast approaching, but the Raw Women’s team is far from on the same page thanks to Lana, while Smackdown’s team is still yet to be set in stone. Rumours have it that Rose was legit injured last week thanks to Nia Jax, so will this week see any changes to the Raw line-up? Will more come from Reckoning’s insults towards Asuka? And at what point in the show will Lana be put through the announce table? Let’s get into it, and find out…

Six Woman Tag Team Match
Raw Women’s Champion ASUKA, DANA BROOKE & MANDY ROSE defeated LANA & WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions NIA JAX & SHAYNA BASZLER

Lana tried to sweet talk her tag partners before the match, but they brushed that off and warned Lana to not even tag in to the match. Rose’s shoulder was clearly taped up as she came to the ring. Lana tried to start the match but Baszler tagged herself right in as she and Brooke went at it. Baszler hit a wild Judo-throw into a Backbreaker, followed up by the Kneeling Knee Strike. Baszler hit Asuka off the apron but Rose missed. Brooke was sent outside before Baszler mocked Lana, faking tagging but giving it to Jax instead. Jax hooked Brooke up for seemingly the Samoan Drop through the table, but Rose made a save. Paying for it big time as Jax but Rose’s hurt arm on the ring steps for Baszler to do the Arm Stomp.

After a commercial Brooke was being controlled by Baszler but Brooke managed to counter an Arm Stomp into a Roll-up into the turnbuckle. The announcers recapping that Rose had been taken to the back because of the shot to the arm. Asuka got the tag and went to work on Baszler as well as knocking Jax off the apron with a Hip Attack then hitting one to Baszler in a corner. The women ducked kicks before Asuka hit a Codebreaker then a Sliding Kick but Jax broke up the pin. Brooke jumped on Jax’s back for a Sleeper but Jax dangerously dumped Brooke over the ropes.

Asuka tried for the Asuka Lock but had to break it in order to stop Jax from coming in, taking her out with a running boot. Baszler went for the Clutch but was backed into her team’s corner where Lana tagged herself in. Baszler might have won the match with the Clutch but the referee’s count forced the break. Lana hitting a Splits Kick for a near fall. Lana’s team mates yelled at her to get out, proving a slight distraction as Asuka hit a Head Kick and then applied the Asuka Lock for the easy win.

After the match the faces left as Baszler tossed Lana down as Jax had cleared the table. Jax faked that she finally respected Lana, only to put Lana through the announce table with the Samoan Drop for a nineth time.

CHARLY CARUSO tried to interview Dana Brooke backstage, but RECKONING from Retribuition attacked Brooke, delivering a stomp that drove Brooke into an equipment case. Reckoning was also part of Mustafa Ali’s backstage promo about Retribution’s upcoming match.

ALEXA BLISS was part of a Firefly Funhouse segment as Bray Wyatt challenged The Miz.

SARAH SCHREIBER interviewed NIKKI CROSS about why she was still seeking out Alexa Bliss as Cross vowed to try and get Bliss away from The Fiend.

Bliss would come to the stage, responding to a demand from The Miz. Cross tried to confront Bliss on the stage but Bliss sucker punched Cross leading to a brief fight that officials broke up. Bliss then accompanied Bray Wyatt to the ring for the match. At one point Bliss wildly dove onto John Morrison to take him over the barricade, aiding Wyatt in getting a win.

In a backstage segment it was announced that both Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke were out of the Raw Women’s Survivor Series team, replaced with Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce. Asuka was then interviewed, vowing that she’d beat Sasha Banks at Survivor Series.

PEYTON ROYCE and LACEY EVANS briefly confronted Jax and Baszler as new teammates, and clearly none of the women were on the same page with either of the other teams, or their own partners.


A little bit of a dynamic here with Cross and Bliss, but unless Cross gets a tag partner to counter Wyatt it’s hard to see how things will go. It’s unfortunate that Rose suffered an injury, showing yet again how unsafe a worker Jax is, but switching Brooke and Rose out with Evans and Royce makes at least a bit of sense. It was good to see Reckoning getting some attention as well. Meanwhile, Lana once again gets buried hard in what was a standard match with a predictable ending. Someone in the WWE brass is getting a kick out of this all, but it’s doing the TV storylines zero favours. This was not a good build for Survivor Series and a short minute promo from Asuka is not good enough either.

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop by in seven day’s time and we’ll have the next edition of the RAW RECAP for you! See you then!

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