RAW RECAP 15/06/20: Rematch and Clash After Backlash – Asuka Vs Jax, IIconics Vs Morgan/Natalya

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! Backlash is in the history books and Asuka retained the Raw Women’s Championship by count-out after she and Jax brawled on the outside. An outcome that left both women (and the fans) unsatisfied, but already the WWE have announced Jax and Asuka will have a title rematch on Raw this week. Meanwhile Bayley and Sasha retained the Women’s Tag Team Championships, leaving them to not only still appear on all brands but to face NXT duo Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox this Wednesday. So who will emerge from Raw as the red brand’s champion? Let’s get into it, and find out…

CHARLY CARUSO interviewed ZELINA VEGA and Angel Garza, and once again there was tension between her clients Garza and Andrade.

Vega would be ringside for the match between Garza and Kevin Owens, but after her clients again bickered Vega stormed off saying she was “sick of this”. Vega would storm back down after attempted distraction backfired, reading a riot act to her men but the men looked far from on a united front.

SARAH SCHREIBER handled interview duties on the show.

LANA was left stunned as Lashley demanded a divorce in an in-ring segment.

Women’s Tag Team Match

Royce and Morgan started off, expect Natalya blind tagged herself in only to get clubbed down right away. Royce hit a double stomp off the top to Natalya’s back for a near fall. Kay hit the Arm-Clutch Side Suplex then an IIconic pose Elbow for a near fall. After yelling at Morgan Kay got rolled up by Natalya and off the kick-out Natalya got the tag. Morgan went into house on fire mode, hitting a Running Facebuster then her double bounce Missile Dropkick from the corner on Kay but Royce broke up the pin.

Morgan had Kay beat with a roll-up but the ref had been distracted by Royce. A blind tag allowed The IIconics to hit Fall From Grace and steal the win. After the match The IIconics called out Bayley and Sasha Banks and demanded a Women’s Tag Title Match but the champs didn’t show. The IIconics claimed they ‘knew someone’ who could make the match for next week, and vowed to make the match IIconic.

Backstage Natalya tried to repremand Morgan for the loss, but Morgan just walked off as Natalya ranted in heel mode ranted about not getting respect. Lana appeared as she shared her dissapointment about her career. The two seemingly sharing misery.

CHARLOTTE FLAIR was backstage with her father, as he was demanding to know what’s next for her but no clear answer was given.

There was video that recapped the feud between Asuka and Nia Jax. ASUKA was then interviewed, vowing to finish the fight that Jax started.

Smackdown Women’s Champion BAYLEY and SASHA BANKS, the Women’s Tag Champs, came to the ring. Bragging about their Backlash win and announcing that they would be hosting a Birthday celebration week for Bayley. Bayley vowed to ‘whoop’ Nox and Blackheart on NXT this Wednesday, as Banks warned the IIconics not to tell them what to do. That brought out The IIconics themselves. Kay and Royce wanted an answer but the Champs dismissed it, but the IIconics taunted them back reminding them of the WrestleMania loss last year. Royce slapped Banks and provoked, Bayley accepted the challenge as The IIconics left the scene with proud smirks.

Raw Women’s Championship Match
Raw Women’s Champion ASUKA defeated NIA JAX

Jax cut a weak cut-in promo before the match. Jax started off with Short-Arm Clotheslines but went for too many as Asuka locked on a Flying Armbar briefly. Asuke tried for the Hip Attack to Jax on the apron but Jax avoided. It lead to Asuka locking on a Sleeper with Jax on the apron. In the ringAsuka unloaded with some kicks but Jax hit a rough looking blow to stop the momentum. Jax paying for taunting as Asuka locked on a Triangle Choke that forced Jax to slide under the ropes. Soon after Jax was out of postion, missing catching the Baseball Slide but grabbing the legs anyway, hitting a Powerbomb to the floor on Asuka.

Back from commercial Asuka was locked in a Torture Rack, fighting out with Elbow Strikes. Asuka hit a Codebreaker then a Shining Wizard for a near fall. Later, Asuka hung up Jax on the ropes after kicking a leg out. Hitting a Jumping Double Stomp to drop Jax and get a near-fall. Jax hit a Samoan Drop but Asuka put her foot under the ropes before the count even started which counts as a break. Enraged, Jax shoved the referee who was about to call for the bell but Asuka used a roll-up and the offical counted the pin with what the announcers claimed to be a fast count (it looked normal to me) to give Asuka the win. Jax left frustrated by the loss caused by herself.


Jax and Asuka was a solid affair with a surprisingly decent workrate from Jax especially with the Powerbomb on the floor which, knowing Jax’s history, could have turned very bad. The announcers sold the count as being fast which makes me think the feud will continue, but perhaps a finish to the feud will come at Extreme Rules with some sort of stipulation match for a clear winner. Elsewhere the idea of a Lana-Natalya alliance doesn’t exactly thrill me (and has the WWE given up on Morgan already by making her take a loss when she didn’t need to?). IIconics against Bayley and Banks sounds interesting but usually heel versus heel doesn’t work out. We’ll see if that changes with a ‘crowd’ that will be told to cheer and boo accordingly.

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop by in seven days time and we’ll have all the Monday night sports entertainment coverage with the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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