RAW RECAP 14/12/20: So They Built All of That For Lana For What? – Lana Vs Jax, Brooke Vs Baszler

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! The TLC even is just days away and the unlikely duo of Raw Women’s Champion Asuka and the cheaply winning Lana will challenge for the Women’s Tag Team Championships. But before that Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax might have a chance of taking out the unlikeable underdog when Jax faces Lana one on one on Raw. What will happen when potential title opponents face off shortly before the Pay Per View event? Let’s get into it, and find out…

SARAH SCHREIBER handled interview duties.

Singles Match
Women’s Tag Team Champion NIA JAX defeated LANA

Before the match, backstage Lana stupidly told ASUKA she needed to go it alone for this match. Lana was easily slammed early then send into a corner. Jax hit a running splash but oddly Lana clutched on like some sort of hug before Jax shoved her down. Asuka watched on from backstage. Lana messily countering a Press Slam attempt into a Headscissors, then hitting a Spin Kick to Jax down in the corner.

Jax caught Lana going up top, and went up after her for the Super Samoan Drop. Lana slipped down the back, and kicked away the leg to leave Jax hung up. Lana moved up the ropes and dropped down for a Stomp and using a stacked pin somehow got the three count.

SHAYNA BASZLER decked Asuka backstage, and Jax did the same to Lana in the ring. Baszler hit the ring as Jax hit the Leg Drop. Baszler them hit a weak version of the Arm Stomp before Baszler targetting Lana’s foot with stomps and a twisting hold. Holding the ankle for a Leg Drop before Jax hit a couple more. Finally Asuka running out, taking out the heels before checking over Lana who did some terrible acting trying to show she was in pain.

RECKONING accompanied Mace along with the rest of Retribution as he won over Ricochet.

Women’s Singles Match
DANA BROOKE defeated Women’s Tag Team Champion SHAYNA BASZLER w/h NIA JAX by DQ

The announcers stated that because of the attack earlier Lana was off the TLC Match with Asuka’s partner to be announced. Brooke started off with wild strikes but Baszler hit a Swinging Backbreaker. Hitting a rough looking Knee Strike to the corner for a near all. Baszler missed the Arm Stomp and then another knee to the corner. Brooke went for the Handspring Elbow but Baszler went for the Clutch. Brooke backing her to the corner to break then barely hitting a messy Enzigiri.

Brooke hit a Shortarm Clothesline, but going up to Jax shoved her down to the floor right in front of the ref for the DQ. The heels roughing up Brooke before MANDY ROSE ran down with a Kendo Stick to even odds and strike away at Jax. Asuka then came out to get some of Baszler as the faces cleared the ring but not making it clear who would be Asuka’s partner at TLC.


So we seriously got a couple months of Lana being built as some sort of plunky underdog only for her to be written out days before a PPV match. I would say I’m surprised but that would be giving WWE a little too much credit. Granted, not having Lana compete is of course a wise move but it still came at the expense of the rest of the women’s roster. We’ll wait and see if Lana gets a mystery partner or if she gives the title shot of her fellow ‘Sexy Muscle Friends’. Also it’s worth nothing the matches were Divas-era short in length which isn’t a good sign as we head towards the new year.

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop by in seven days time for all the fallout from TLC with the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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