RAW RECAP 10/02/20: Taking a Bite out of The Man – Asuka Vs Lynch; Logan Vs Ripley

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! We’re on the Road to WrestleMania, but Becky Lynch has put her road in danger. Agreeing to a title rematch from the Royal Rumble against Asuka! Can The Man do it again against The Empress? And what fallout will there be from the return of Ruby Riott and her attack on former friend Liv Morgan? Let’s get into it, and find out…

Raw Women’s Championship Match: Raw Women’s Champion BECKY LYNCH defeated Tag Team Champion ASUKA w/h KAIRI SANE

Asuka ranted in Japanese and occasional English before the match. The bout started with wristlock counters and bit of chain wrestling, before Asuka got an edge with a shoulder knockdown, daring Lynch to come get some. Which she did, going after the arm and forcing Asuka to strike free. Lynch would get her turn, countering being sent to the ropes and ending up knocking Asuka down, before countering a Kick attempt into a Dragon Screw. Kairi Sane went to the apron when Lynch was sent out there, providing a distraction as Asuka hit a Hip Attack through the ropes as the show went to commerical.

Asuka was in control back from break, hitting stomps then applying an armbar. Lynch soon came back, countering charges with Back Elbows and then hitting a House on Fire combo. A Flying Forearm got a nearfall for Lynch. Asuka came back, countering a strike and nearly getting the win off a Small Package. Soon after a rally of counters led to Asuka hitting the Pop-Up Knee Strike. An unique Fisherman’s Suplex into a Front Sitout Powerbomb got Asuka a two count. Asuka was soon sent to the floor, but when Lynch flew off the apron her Forearm Strike hit Sane who shoved her tag partner out of the way to allow Asuka to take advantage.

Back in the ring Lynch was caught coming off the second ropes with a Codebreaker, but it only got a two count. Both women tried for their finishing holds, but it ended up with Lynch getting sent into the post. Asuka paid for going for a Hip Attack to Lynch on the apron again, as Lynch used the position to apply a Disarmer on the cables! The fight on the apron led to a Reverse DDT by Lynch onto the Hardest Part of the Ring (take a drink!).

After another commerical break (yes, we got a match with time to it on Raw!) Asuka hit a Superplex from the middle ropes for a two count. Asuka hit a Sliding Kick for a two count, and used the momentum from the kick out to lock in an Arm Bar into a Triangle Choke, but Lynch just managed to power up for a Powerbomb enough counter for a two count. Lynch tried for the Second Rope Legdrop but Asuka countered into the Asuka Lock! Lynch fought out even when Asuka kicked off the ropes to roll Lynch into the middle of the ring, leading to pinhold trading. After more counters, Lynch hit a Rock Bottom style version of the Man Handle Slam to get the victory in a fantastic match.

Post-Match: Former NXT Women’s Champion SHAYNA BASZLER attacked Lynch, hitting mounted punches and then her Rear Naked Clutch. She took out her MMA mouthguard, and grabbed Lynch’s head. Appearing to ‘bite’ Lynch and coming up with her mouth covered in blood. A wicked image with Baszler doing an evil grin coated in blood. Baszler left the scene while Lynch was left in pain, being heard saying “Did that bitch bite me?!?” before EMTs came down to treat the bite.

Lynch in a rage refused medical help, and even stole an ambulance to drive herself off.

ZELINA VEGA accompanied her client Angel Garza as he picked up a win over Cedric Alexander.

CHARLY CARUSO interviewed NXT Women’s Champion RHEA RIPLEY but it was interrupted by SARAH LOGAN who took exception to her showing up to do whatever she wanted. Ripley easily dismissed her, asking who the Hell Logan thought she was.

SARAH SCHREIBER interviewed Bobby Lashley with LANA. Lashley seemed to be a little annoyed with his ‘wife’ talking on his behalf, but Lana was all smiles when Lashley vowed to punish his opponent Richoche. While being ringside for that match, Lana played no role in the contest as to her anger Richoche picked up the win.

Non-Title Singles Match: NXT Women’s Champion RHEA RIPLEY defeated SARAH LOGAN

Logan cut a clearly designed to make her sound and look weak screaming promo, calling out Ripley for a match. CHARLOTTE FLAIR came out to watch the bout from the stage. Making Ripley fired up as she took control with a Big Boot and repeated Short-Arm Clotheslines. One Dropkick and then hitting her Riptide Pump Handle Sitout Slam finisher later and Ripley won. Flair giving mocking applause for the victory.

After the match both women had mics as Ripley again demanded an answer from Flair. Flair again refused to answer, pointing out that Ripley might not even be champion after this Sunday’s NXT TakeOver event.

RUBY RIOTT was interviewed about why she attacked her former friend. Riott implied that Morgan’s new look and attitude was all fake, and that she was going to remind her of her ‘place’ following her. Saying that Morgan would strike when she told her to.

Becky Lynch would return to the arena, driving back in the ambulance she GTA’d. She marched to the ring, bloodstained and calling out Baszler. “I don’t care who you hang out with – I’ve ran through them all.” Before ending with a threat “You’d better find me before I find you” as she threw the mic down.


Lynch and Asuka put on another awesome match together, as expected. The as excepted build to Baszler Vs Lynch at Mania now begins with a great, if surprisingly non-PG with the ‘blood’ angle that gets things going hot. This should be really fun over the next month and a half.

Elsewhere Ripley got a squash win, and with her and Flair being at odds in the war of words it’s very obvious who is winning at NXT Takeover and who Flair is challenging. No issues there. And it seems the Lana-Morgan feud is mercifully over as the announcers made little reference to the issues as they recapped last week’s attack. That’s for the best as it leaves Morgan and Riott, actual wrestlers, to go at it without distractions.

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop be in seven days time for the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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