RAW RECAP 07/09/20: Handicaps and Unlikely Teams on the Road to Clash of Champions – James/Asuka Vs Natalya/Lana, Kay Vs Royce, Baszler Vs Riott Squad, Jax Vs Riott Squad

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! The title picture for Raw as we head towards Clash of Champions: Gold Rush is getting clearer. Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax secured their Women’s Tag Team Championships with a win over the former champions Baylay and Sasha Banks last week on Smackdown. They are heading now for a title defence at Clash of Champions against The Riott Squad. However, Asuka may have to deal with more than one challenger as both Mickie James and Natalya have staked claims to a shot against Asuka for the red belt. Who will step up and make their mark to secure that title oppertunity? And what will be the fallout of The IIconics now being forced to disband? Let’s get into it, and find out…

ZELINA VEGA accompanied her clients Andrade and Angel Garza to face The Street Profits. However, Garza had seemingly had enough of the issues between him, Vega and Andrade, walking out of the match to leave Andrade to be beaten.

Women’s Singles Match

Both Kay and Royce had new theme music for their entrances. The two did hold for hold counterwork to start off, and exchanged smacks as they blames one another for last week. More counterwork went on with Kay preventing a Headscissors. Eventually Royce hit her Roundhouse Kick to get a two count, then hit some knees to the back before applying a Cobra Clutch. Kay got out, lifting Royce to a corner and hitting Shoulder Thrusts. Her arm-clutch Side Suplex got a two count.

Kay went for her Saito Suplex but Royce blocked, and a Kay Roll-up got a two count. Royce hit a Jumping Kick then hit the Deja Vu to beat her former IIconic friend. Royce appeared a little remorseful, hugging Kay after the match while Kay seemed to accept her loss (and a whole lot more).

SARAH SCHREIBER and CHARLY CARUSO handled interview duties, including Caruso doing an in-ring segment with the Mysterio Family.

In a backstage segment it was announced that both members of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions NIA JAX and SHAYNA BASZLER would compete in seperate Handicap Matches against The Riott Squad. This was because Jax had mouthed off and claimed she could take both on.

Women’s Tag Team Match
WWE Raw Women’s Champion ASUKA & MICKIE JAMES defeated NATALYA & LANA

They advertised that next week James would face Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship, before they showed a recap of last week’s segment and match with all the women. Natalya and James started off but not without James and Asuka bickering about who would begin. After some Headlock work James caught Natalya with a Low Dropkick off of a cartwheel evasion for a two count. Asuka got the tag, but Natalya held the ropes and tagged herself out to avoid being double teamed.

Lana was easily overpowered by Asuka, but when Asuka when for a Hip Attack on the ropes Lana avoided, and James used a smack on Asuka’s butt to tag herself in to Asuka clear annoyance. While Asuka and James argued, Lana snuck a tag in so when James hit the Lou Thesz Press on Lana it allowed Natalya to pounce with her Running Low Dropkick for a two count. James got worked over by stomps and hair pulls in the bad part of town. Natalya kept control with a Suplex. James would escape a Body Slam attempt and used a Roll-up for a near fall.

Natalya set up James on the ropes for a Running Knee to the back, and Lana then hit a high jump X-Factor (what is this, the Diva Search era?) but Asuka broke up the pin. Natalya tossed Asuka out, only to be sent out by James herself. James countered a Clothesline into her Neckbreaker, and seeing no partner to tag she went up top at her corner. That allowed Asuka to reappear, tag herself in apply the Asuka Lock on Lana for the win while James took out Natalya with a Mick Kick on the outside. After the match Asuka taunted James with the title.

Women’s Handicap Match
The Riott Squad (LIV MORGAN & RUBY RIOTT) defeated WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion SHAYNA BASZLER

Nia Jax came out seperately to make it clear she and Baszler weren’t on the same page. Riott started for her team but Baszler was easily controlling the action, looking for an arm hold as Jax mouthed off at ringside. Despite her tries Riott couldn’t escape until she stomped Baszler’s foot to break the grip and make a tag. Baszler was still fending off both opponents until Riott clutched the leg, trapping Baszler in the ropes so Morgan could hit a Dropkick to the leg.

Morgan kicked away at the leg but soon got slammed down and took a Kneeling Knee Strike. Jax distracted, booing her tag partner. That made Baszler change tactics looking for a TKO but Morgan slipped down the back for a Roll-Up pin to steal the win. Baszler furious and rightly blaming Jax for the loss, which Jax denied.

Women’s Handicap Match
The Riott Squad (LIV MORGAN & RUBY RIOTT) Vs WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion NIA JAX went to a No Contest

Baszler stayed at ringside for the match as Riott started. Riott ducked strikes and hit punches, trying for a pinholds but Jax’s size and strength prevented it. Jax hitting a Headbutt so safe you could fit a two-by-four between their heads. Baszler took a turn mouthing off which distracted Jax, so when she charged the corner Riott avoided it to make a tag. Riott hitting a Running Strike to set up a Morgan Running Dropkick.

The Squad hit stomps in the corner as Baszler showed no concern for her partner. Morgan was whipped across to hit a Jumping Back Elbow, which set Jax up to take Riott’s corner Crossbody attack. Jax, in classic barely selling mode, kicked out before two. Further proven by Jax getting up quick to hit a Clothesline on Riott for a two count. Riott managed to use a Jawbreaker to escape Jax’s rest hold but was soon knocked down again. Jax tried going for Baszler’s arm stomp but Riott got out of the way. Going for a Samoan Drop but Riott’s squirming allowed Morgan to reach in and tag as Jax backed up.

The lights started flickering as both Squad members hit kicks, with Riott’s being a version of the Riott Kick before Morgan hit her Side Codebreaker. She went for a pin but the lights when out as the group Retribution hijacked the show to air a message.

Final Thoughts:

The WWE still feels the need to protect Nia Jax with a non-finish of a handicap match where she’s at the disadvantage. Pathetic. Clearly the storyline is the issues between Jax and Baszler but you can’t help but feel the Riott Squad will just end up being fed to them at Clash of Champions. Meanwhile, James and Asuka could be a fun match but the fact it is happening next week instead of at the Clash screams either a non-finish or interference. Perhaps Natalya gets involved to set up a Triple Threat? And with the solo win over her former tag partner it’s clear the WWE has high stock in Royce. Will that momentum lead to anything or will she be lost in the shuffle with other storylines on the go at the moment?

That’s your lot for this week. Be sure to stop by in seven days time for the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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