RAW RECAP 05/10/20: Clash of Champions Comes to Raw – Women’s Tag Titles: Jax & Baszler Vs Riott Squad

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! Last week saw the debut of a new female tag team as Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose made an impressive showing with a win over Lana and Natalya. While Asuka put an end to the short feud with Zelina Vega with another solid win. This week however will see Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler return to action for the title match that should have happened at Clash of Champions, defending the Women’s Tag Titles against The Riott Squad. Can Riott and Morgan finally capture the gold, or will Jax and Baszler move on to face the potential challenge of Rose and Brooke? Let’s get into it, and find out…

Six Woman Tag Team Match

Vega didn’t even get a full entrance but Lana and Natalya did. Brooke and Natalya started off with running the ropes work before Natalya used a Cradle pin for a near fall. Later, Brooke used the Whirlbird Headscissors for a two count. Rose got the tag as the blondes hit a Double Team Suplex for a near fall. Rose went for a pinhold but the ref didn’t count an up shoulder, so Rose just had to be sent off to hit a Cartwheel into a Low Dropkick for a two count. Apparently being bored, Vega ran around the rin and pulled Asuka off the apron which distracted Rose who went after Vega, only to be hauled back by the hair by Natalya.

Natalya worked over Rose in her team’s corner, and didn’t look happy when Vega tagged herself in to get in stomps then a Springboard Kick for a near fall. Vega applied the Grounded Octopus but Rose rolled back for a pin to get a break. Lana was tagged in as Natalya held Rose for a Sliding Kick. Natalya was tagged in, but the Sharpshooter attempt was kicked away. Rose got the tag to Asuka who rushed in and wiped Vega off the apron with a Hip Attack before going to work on Asuka. A corner Hip Attack then taking out Vega and Natalya with kicks, then scoring the Pop-Up Knee Strike then the Sliding Knee Strike on Lana. Natalya broke up the pin, but Brooke took care of her with the Handspring Elbow. Rose made a blind tag and after Asuka hit a Back Elbow Rose hit the Pump Knee Strike to get the win for the babyfaces.

After the match NIA JAX and SHAYNA BASZLER came out to target the women who mocked them last week. Vega fled the scene as Jax hit a Headbutt to Natalya. Baszler cleared off the announce table as Jax wanted to the Samoan Drop on Natalya. Only for the third time in almost a month Lana got driven through the announce table!

CHARLY CARUSO handled interview duties.

BIANCA BELAIR got another video package claiming to be the SmartEST.

AALYAH MYSTERIO was featured in more drama with Seth Rollins and Murphy. Talking with Murphy backstake then coming out to try and protect Murphy before the rest of the Mysterio family came out.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match
WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions NIA JAX & SHAYNA BASZLER defeated The Riott Squad (LIV MORGAN & RUBY RIOTT)

Jax started off with Morgan but a quick tag to Riott allowed for distraction and a Chop Block. A messily set-up Backpack Senton double team barely getting a one count. The Squad tried to use the blind tag advantage again but Jax swatted down a Morgan Crossbody attempt, and set up Riott into a Tree of Woe with a Death Valley Driver into the corner. Driving a Hip Attack into Riott trapped in the Tree. Baszler got a reluctant tag as Baszler sent Riott back in for a two count.

Baszler looking for the Arm Stomp on Riott and actually got it for once much to Morgan’s yelling horror. But the match wasn’t stoppped as Baszler continued to target the limb with an arm snap. Riott tossed out as Jax was tagged and slammed Riott into the apron a couple times. Back from commerical Riott was being worked over by kicks from Baszler as Riott yelled for more. Ducking one for a Roll-up for two. Finally getting the tag as Morgan screamed like a demon and attacked Baszkler. Jax making a blind tag but she ended up taking a headscissors into the middle turnbuckle.

Morgan hit running Elbow Strikes to both opponents before Jax hit a Clothesline. Morgan tried for another Headscissors, slipping out from the Powerbomb attempt but a Headbutt shut her down. Baszler got the tag as the heels were now on the same page but Baszler missed a running Knee and hit the corner. Riott tagged back in and hit a Running Knee of her own, then a Springboard Tornado DDT and off a blind tag Morgan hit a Double Stomp to the back for a nearfall. Jax ran in to prevent the Riott Kick. Morgan was wiped out and taken out as Baszler hit a Kneeling Knee Strike then applied the Clutch to force Riott to tap.


Riott Squad against Jax and Baszler was more of an actual match than I excepted with good spots and moments. The outcome was never in doubt after the new duo of Rose and Brooke were formed. And that new team got another win this week so clearly stock is high on them at the moment. I can’t see Asuka heading into a third title match against Vega so perhaps this week was just to wrap things up. There isn’t too long before Hell in a Cell to create hype for matches, but then again the Vega against Asuka feud only got like two weeks of promotion. So who knows at this point, especially with Peyton Royce being absent again and Belair only seen in videos. There’s still work to be done for the WWE.

That’s your lot for this week. Be sure to stop by in seven days time for the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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