Charlotte Flair out of Action for Possibly Months following Surgery

One of the WWE’s top female Superstars will be out of action for an undisclosed amount of time as she undergoes surgery for an unspecified injury.

The Wrestling Observer reports that Flair will undergo surgery soon. Flair was written out of WWE TV with an attack angle on Raw, when Nia Jax slammed Flair’s arm with the lid of an equipment case.

There are conflicting reports about the length of time Flair will be gone. The Observer stating it’s hopeful that Flaior will be able to return for SummerSlam, while talkSPORT reports that Flair will also be taking extended time off and may not return until next year’s Royal Rumble event.

We wish Flair a speedy recovery from her surgery and hope to see her back in the ring again soon!

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