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Hey and welcome back to the Revelleution and some brand new WWE 2K Battlegrounds news as moments ago WWE and 2K dropped a brand game modes trailer showcasing some of the game modes available in battlegrounds as well as a quick look at its whacky creation suite. Before we jump in let’s take a look at today’s trailer.

First off I just want to say I really really really want a physical copy of the Battlegrounds comic and a huge fan of comics and it’s styling I’m personally really digging the panelled storytelling approach. Sure it may not be your standard cutscene top of the range storytelling but we have to bare in mind that this isn’t your standard 2K release.

Thanks to a few quick glimpses we get a brief look at the opening of the game with Heyman promoting his idea for Battlegrounds to Vince McMahon as a new brand for WWE programming with “New Superstars from around the world, each competing in a ring on their home turf”.

Unlike the real world Vince jumps at the idea and gives Heyman the go ahead ushering in the Battlegrounds era. Let’s just hope that Heyman’s Battlegrounds run lasts much longer than his recent stint on RAW at least.

With the campaign story out of the way Heyman turns to the custom aspect of the campaign with a quick look at some of custom superstars in action including a fiery red head custom female superstar, which personally I think looks better than some of the actual ingame roster models. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the proportions of the face but the less exaggerated features look far better in comparison to the big eyes as seen with some of the models in my opinion. According to Heyman players will compete as WWE rookies throughout the campaign mode which not only unlocks custom superstars but also outlandish interactive environments.

To make sure fans get an idea on just how outlandish some of these interactive environments can be we get to see poor Charlotte Flair thrown to the outside before being crushed by a racecar all thanks to Becky Lynch activating one of the several unique omg style moments.

Heyman then switches topic to the Battleground Challenge Mode where players customise their very own WWE superstar with a whole host of customiseable options including cavemen, pirate and robot variants just to name a few. Whilst completely whacky and over the top I can easily see this winning over fans of games such as Fortnight and Fallguys which also have a whole host of fun and interchangeable outfits with more and more being added by the day.

Thanks to some very quick clips we get to see a bunch of customiseable options within the creation suite itself including the already revealed class types such as High Flyer, Technician, All Rounder, Brawler and the Powerhouse. When it comes to customising the custom superstar features, 2K Battlegrounds provides a basic slider option with several different pre-set options for positioning and scaling available to choose. In an interesting blink and you’ll miss it moment it also seems that Battlegrounds provides a show/hide clothing option when customising your superstar, which would be really handy for future instalments of the usual 2k series. When it comes to selecting a colour for any of your superstar pieces, 2k replaces the gradient slider as seen in the WWE 2K series for a simple pre-set colour pallet with various options seemingly being available from the start.  

Speaking of customisable options we also get a look at one of the alternate crate options for Battlegrounds with Heyman’s captain creation entering the battleground in his very own pirate themed barrel to fit the persona.

According to Heyman fans can make the most gameplay currency by competing in online tournaments and challenges which will allow players to purchase outfits and skin variants that may prove costly otherwise.

As we move away from the creation suite side of things, Heyman then gives a quick breakdown of the already revealed gamemodes starting with the King of the Battlegrounds mode in which players compete in an online gauntlet style match with new players entering the match once a superstar has been eliminated.  We then get to see quick examples of some of the other available battlegrounds match types in action including 1 on 1, Tag Team, Tornado Tag, Triple Threat and Fatal Four Way matches.

As the trailer comes to a close we see various superstars going toe to toe with over the top and extreme animations with Nikki Bella receiving one hell of a right hand to the face.

I have to say Battlegrounds has really won me over in the last few months thanks to its over the top style and animations and I really can’t wait to try out the game for myself. While it may not be the usual 2K game many of us look forward to each year, 2K battlegrounds looks like a fun whacky over the top alternative which could offer so much replay ability if we give it the chance. Not to mention 2k have already announced some surprising additions to the womens roster such as Ember Moon, Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella who I didn’t think might make the cut due to their time away from WWE programming. While I’m still holding out for a few more female additions, 2K Battlegrounds looks like it will be great fun to play online with friends and fellow content creators and I can’t wait to see how the battle unfolds.

So that’s our breakdown of today’s 2K Battlegrounds news, to be sure you don’t miss out of any of our future WWE 2K Battlegrounds news and content be sure to stay tuned. WWE 2K Battlegrounds is only a few short weeks away and we can’t wait to see how things play out!

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