WWE 2K Battlegrounds: First Look at Liv Morgan, Natalya, Mickie James & More #WWE2KBattlegrounds

Hey and welcome back to the Revelleution and some more WWE 2K Battelgrounds news as moments ago WWE and 2K unveiled a brand new battlegrounds Trailer as part of the opening night of  this year’s gamescom live event. Before we dive into things let’s take a look at today’s Clash of the Eras trailer:

I have to say I really love the commentary from Mauro Ranallo especially and my personal biggest takeaway from the entire trailer was the brand new models for the female superstars that we hadn’t seen so far but more on that shortly. We kick off the trailer with Aleister Black performing a sick knee to the face of Baron Corbin before Kevin Owens delivers a super powerbomb to seth rollins much to the glee of Lawler. As Lawler discusses the over the top gameplay of Battlegrounds we see a quick glimpse of AJ Styles performing a submission move to Mankind before Seth Rollins slams Roman Reigns face into the mat with a sickening curb stomp.

We then get a look at some of the female superstars in Battlegrounds with a better look at the already revealed Brie Bella as well as Liv Morgan, Alexa Bliss and Beth Phoenix. Whilst Liv’s model is really rather outdated I will say that it is still one of my favourites of the models showcased so far with Beth’s model arguably looking the closest to its source material. Speaking of the women’s models I will say that Alexa Bliss’ model does look good but it looks less like little miss bliss and more like actress and comedienne Kate McKinnon.

As we switch things back to the male superstars in action we get to see a seriously cool styles clash from AJ to Makind, followed by signature moves from former Shield members Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Upon hitting a superman punch to Richochet we get another taste of Mauro’s vocal talents and I seriously hope it translates just as well in game as it does in the trailer.

We then get another look at some more of the Battlegrounds female superstars with a another look at Beth Phoenix as well as her Divas of Doom tag team partner Natalya. Whilst also a little outdated Natalya’s model is instantly recognisable to any wrestling fan thanks to her black and pink attire which is bound to please any Nattie fans out there.

As things begin to heat up we get our very own Battlegrounds fantasy booking scenario with Brie and Nikki Bella of the Bella Twins taking on the current Women’s Tag Team Champions Bayley and Sasha Banks. Whilst all four models perfectly represent their on screen counterparts I will say that Bayley’s hair seems to have an over the top persona of its very own thanks to the added extra volume. As the match starts out both Bellas attempt to perform a running dropkick with Bayley sent flying into the ropes whilst her Golden Role Models partner Sasha Banks deflects the move with a chop to the face of a reluctant Nikki Bella. With the pace slowing down a little Nikki Bella performs an awesome frankenstiner to Bayley, with Brie following up with a forearm to the back of Sasha Banks which sends her pummelling into the mat. As the Bellas continue to dominate Brie rounds out the match with an over the top outlandish Bella Buster to seal the victory and the pair stand tall over rivals Sasha Banks and Bayley.

The action then returns to the male superstars with The Undertaker and Finn Balor taking the action to the outside of the ring with Lava seeping through the floor to add to the already extreme atmosphere. In revenge for his tag team partner Balor, we see yet another Styles Clash from AJ Styles as he sends his WrestleMania rival The Undertaker slamming down into the canvas picking up the victory as the pair celebrate with confetti donning the arena.

As the trailer begins to round out we get a quick glimpse of Mickie Jame’s Battlegrounds model as she sends Natalya packing with a hit to the face from the Doink the Clown hammer. We then see even more of the male superstars in action each hitting their very own signature moves with Lawler closing the trailer with his very own Mama Mia impression in the style of broadcast colleague Mauro.

Whilst there wasn’t too much to go off in the trailer we did get quite a good look at some of the female superstars in action as well as the model debuts of Natalya, Liv Morgan and Mickie James. All of the women showcased so far do look pretty awesome if I do say so myself and I can’t wait to see what the remaining female models look like. Also while it may have been hard to make out at times which of the commentary in the trailer was from the game itself I can’t wait to hear Mauro’s WWE video game commentary debut which I have no doubt will add to the already action packed matches.

It’s also worth noting that whilst the already showcased signature and finisher moves look frickin awesome I would personally like to see some chain wrestling or combo strikes just to get an idea of how the gameplay itself works as we don’t really have that much to go off. A huge part of me can’t shake the feeling that we’ve been here before when it comes to the promotional material of a WWE video game not showing gameplay and we all know how that turned out in the long run. Regardless I’m personally still really excited to get my hands on Battlegrounds and given that we’re only a few short weeks away from release I can’t wait to see what happens in the coming days as we edge every closer. I want to know what you at home make of the female models showcased in WWE 2K Battlegrounds so far so be sure to let me know in the comments below or hit me up on twitter to get the conversation flowing.

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