RAW RECAP 28/12/20: Ending the Year on a High? – Brooke Vs Baszler, Flair Vs Jax

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! 2020 is almost over and the final Raw of the year is upon us, while next week will see a special ‘Legends’ night as we head onward towards the Royal Rumble. So will we get anything of note for the last Raw of the year, especially with the far from on the same page new tag champs of Asuka and Charlotte Flair? Let’s get into it, and find out…

Women’s Singles Match

Baszler’s former tag team title partner Nia Jax was not at Baszler’s side. Baszler got in kicks but Brooke caught the leg to slap Baszler, then sending her opponent down with a shoulder check. Brooke tried for a Handspring Moonsault but Baszler got the knees up. Baszler missed the arm stomp, but rembering last week she grabbed the ropes to prevent being sent into the corner off a roll-up. Baszler kept the arm and hit a wringer on to the apron.

Baszler got a near fall, then kept control with a top wristlock. Brooke eventually escaped with a Jawbreaker, then went into House on Fire mode with the good arm for Clothesline then a Slam. Brooke went for Baseball Slide but Baszler countered, locking on the Clutch and dragging Brooke to the floor to leave her out. Baszler attacked Rose from behind as she was tending to Brooke, trying fot the Arm Stomp on the steps but Rose avoided, and Brooke sent Baszler into the apron. In the ring Brooke got a couple of near falls including one off a nice Spinning Neckbreaker. Brooke went for the Senton, but Baszler rolled away and Brooke rolled to her feet. Turning around into a Pump Knee Strike and then the Clutch for the tapout win. After the match Baszler locked the Clutch onto Rose for good measure.

ALEXA BLISS hosted Alexa’s Playground but things didn’t go as planned as Randy Orton invaded the Firefly Funhouse. There was also an ending segment where Alexa Bliss covered herself in gas to try and provoke Orton to set her on fire. Because, you know, she’s insane and all.

CHARLY CARUSO interviewed CHARLOTTE FLAIR who didn’t say anything of note, but ASUKA did show up to blow a party favour and wearing a ‘Happy New Year’ headpiece. Later NIA JAX would be interviewed with Baszler as Baszler announced herself as entering the Royal Rumble, and seemingly Baszler decided to enter the Rumble as well.

RECKONING accompanied the other members of Retribution as Mustafa Ali defeated Ricochet. Reckoning at one poiunt distracting the referee as other members attacked Ricochet.

Women’s Singles Match
Women’s Tag Team Champion CHARLOTTE FLAIR w/h Raw Women’s Champion ASUKA defeated NIA JAX w/h SHAYNA BASZLER by DQ.

A lock-up started things off then another as Flair tried to control the arm. Flair got a Headlock but was backed into the corner as Jax used rough shoulder checks, then held the arm of Flaiur that Jax ‘hurt’ and focused on it with repeated pulls into shoulder checks. Flair was sent into the corner but vaulted over to the apron, getting in sahots through the ropes then a Big Boot before a Dropkick sent Jax out. Flair continued with strikes inside, then another Dropkick sent Jax out before a Baseball Slide sent Jax just into the announce table.

Asuka hit Baszler with a Backfist on the outside to prevent interference, andf Flair shoved Jax into the ring steps. Back in the ring Jax counterd a Figure Four attempt to send Flair into the post, then following up with a Splash for a near fall. Flair was being controlled after the break but Flair fought back with a Neckbreaker and then Chops. Flair went up top but Jax brought her down, looking for the Samoan Drop bout Flair countered with a roll-up for a two count. Jax would come back with a Powerbomb for a two count of her own.

Jax missed a Legdrop, and another Flair attempot at Figure Four was countered. Baszler tried to dristract as she managed to avoid a block attempt by Asuka, but got kicked off as Flair soon had the Figure Four applied. However Baszler came in and appllied the Clutch to cause the DQ. Asuka stormed the ring to send the heels packing.

Final Thoughts:

The WWE continues to find way to protect Nia Jax and not have her take pinfalls. Sigh. This week was solid stuff, giving Baszler a solid win in a good match, and Flair looked good too in her bout. I’m still expecting Flair to turn on Asuka at some point, probably depoending on how the Rumble match turns out. But this was harmless enough filler until the new year.

That’s your lot for this week. Be sure to stop by in seven day’s time for the first edition of the RAW RECAP of the new year! See you in 2021!

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