RAW RECAP 26/10/20: There’s Only One Thing More Predictable than Brand Vs Brand… Lana Going Through a Table – Fatal 4 Way Qualifying Match for Survivor Series

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! Survivor Series is on the horizon and once again it’s reverted to the rather boring format of Raw versus Smackdown going head to head. So after Sasha Banks finally secured the Smackdown Women’s Championship, what women’s matches will be confirmed for the Pay Per View? Let’s get into it, and find out…

SARAH SCHREIBER and CHARLY CARUSO handled interview duties.

ALEXA BLISS was part of a Firefly Fun House as she showed further decent into insanity. Sewing seeds for what Randy Orton will be in for when he will be a guest on A Moment of Bliss later on.

Backstage, NIA JAX and SHAYNA BASZLER both claimed to be team captains for the Women’s Survivor Series team, handing Adam Pearce their lists for who they wanted, but he wasn’t buying either of them. Neither woman appeared to list their fellow Tag Team Champion on their lists.

RECKONING caused a bizzare distraction by faking some fort of odd fit during the Hurt Business versus Retribution Elimination Match.

Angel Garza was putting moves on MANDY ROSE and DANA BROOKE before Jax and Baszler showed up, but Jax snatched his rose before the two teams had a little bickering.

ASUKA was in a segment with The New Day as it was confirmed she’d face Sasha Banks in a Champion versus Champion match at Survivor Series.

In the ring WWE officials announced that Jax, Baszler, Rose and Brooke would be on the Raw Women’s Survivor Series team. They then announced a Fatal Four Way Match to decide the final member.

Fatal Four Way Match to Qualify for Survivor Series

Cross had new music that was country for some reason. Royce and Evans paired off while Cross and Lana went at it. The starting brawl led to Lana kicking Cross off the apron to crash into Royce and Evans. Back from comercial Royce was stretching Cross on the ropes as she hung back. The other team members were watching from ringside as Royce tossed Lana into the ringpost before she kept Evans out of the ring. Cross got a two count with a Small Package before Royce got a nearfall of her own moments later.

Later, Cross ran Royce into the turnbuckle while Cross was running along the apron, and then turned to take out Lana on the outside with a Crossbody. Hitting a Seated Senton on Lana before she ran and used the ringsteps to hit a Tornado DDT on Evans. A Top Rope Crossbody to Royce got a near fall. Lana avoided being Suplexed in, hitting a High Kick to Cross. Lana nearly tripped over the top rope vaulting in, and ate a Women’s Right from Evans for her troubles. Cross going for a Roll-up on Evans but Royce broke it up. Royce laid out Evans with a Roundhouse Kick, and hit Cross with a Gory Bomb that sent Cross slamming into Evans, but Evans still kicked out at two.

Cross was set up on the top rope, but Cross sent Evans down with a Front Suplex. A Royce Roundhouse stunned Cross but Cross shoved Royce away. Finally we got the Tower of Doom spot as Evans hot the Superplex on Cross while Royce got a German on Evans. Lana then instantly pulled Royce out, and stole the pin on Cross to get the cheap win. Much to the disgust, shock and horror of her teammates.

After the match Jax faked being friendly leading to the expected. Baszler clearing the announce table and Jax hitting a Samoan Drop to Lana through the table for a sixth time. Tellingly, Rose and Brooke just stood by and didn’t make any attempt to save Lana.

Alexa Bliss would host A Moment of Bliss, and had new sinister remixed music as she had Randy Orton as her guess. But as expected things broke down when Drew McIntyre came out for a fight with Orton as Bliss laughed away and watched. Before The Fiend made an appearence too.


Survivor Series has become a rather tedious event now with storylines usually put on hold for pointless Champion versus Champion matches that are quickly forgotten about by the next week. It’s also a little hard to be excited for Banks against Asuka again since we only saw that a few months ago, and repeatedly, during their feud at SummerSlam. Sure, they’ll put on a good match but both women deserve new, fresh challenges. As far as the Survivor Series match itself goes I just don’t see what they’re going with in terms of Lana. Aside from the repeated burial by going through the announce table she’s bringing nothing of value as of late, and her winning matches cheaply only buries the other women in the matches. Lana is doing no one any favours right now, including herself.

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop by in seven days time and we’ll have all the coverage with the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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