RAW RECAP 09/11/20: The More Things Change, the More Lana Goes Through a Table – Lana Vs Baszler, Jax Vs Asuka

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! Survivor Series is approaching and while the Smackdown women’s team is slowly building, Raw’s team is set but is fully disfunctional. Especially with Lana rubbing everyone the wrong way and costing Rose and Brooke the Women’s Tag Team Titles last week. Will we see more of the same this time and Lana will go through the announce table again? And what will come from the attempted attack on Asuka last week by the tag champs? Let’s get into it, and find out…

CHARLY CARUSO handled interview duties.

RECKONING was part of a backstage promo by Retribution, making a reference to Asuka as “pink and green haired trash” to continue an apparent slow build for a future clash. Later on the show she’d be ringside as leader Mustafa Ali beat Ricochet.

Women’s Singles Match
Women’s Tag Team Champion SHAYNA BASZLER w/h Women’s Tag Team Champion NIA JAX defeated LANA

Before the match a recap of the multiple times Lana has been put through the announce table was shown. MANDY ROSE and DANA BROOKE were on commentary for the match and didn’t have too flattering things to say about Lana after costing them the tag titles last week.

Lana jump started with a Sleeper attempt but Baszler easily shrugged her off before hitting a Knee Strike to Lana in the corner. Lana’s strikes didn’t faze Baszler as she slammed fists into Lana in another corner. Soon hitting the Arm Stomp. A Head Kick followed then a Gutwrench and a Knee Strike to a kneeling Lana. Pulling Lana out from a cover, the Clutch was applied for a squash win.

Jax cleared the announce table after the match as Baszler was sent out. However, Rose and Brooke hit kicks to Jax as they weren’t happy about Jax bad mouthing them. Leaving the two tag teams bickering at ringside as Lana was down in pain.

Backstage Brooke and Rose dismissed the idea that they’d helped Lana, saying they only did it to send a message to the tag champs and warning her to stay out of their way if she really wanted to help them.

Backstage NIKKI CROSS tried to talk with ALEXA BLISS, Cross blamed herself for Bliss turning insane. Bliss however easily picked The Fiend, blowing petals into Cross’ face.

Non-Title Singles Match
Raw Women’s Champion ASUKA defeated Women’s Tag Team Champion NIA JAX w/h Women’s Tag Team Champion SHAYNA BASZLER by DQ

Rose, Brooke and Lana were all ringside as well to watch. SARAH SCHREIBER interviewed Jax before the match, but Baszler butted in when Jax claimed to still run the division. Asuka unleashed with kicks early and used her speed, locking in an Octopus Hold. Soon after rolling Jax over with an Arm Bar got to the ropes. Asuka tried for it again when Jax got under the ropes but Jax hauled Asuka out to swing her into the ‘crowd’ barrier.

After a commerical break Asuka hit a Stunner to escape a choke hold, locking in a front choke of her own but Jax broke out with a Suplex for a two count. Jax hit a Corner Avalanche but a cocky cover got a bridging kickout from Asuka. A Powerbomb attempt was countered to a roll-up for two. Asuka hit a couple of Spinning Backfists, when a Hip Attack as Jax was down to a knee for a near fall. Asuka hit kicks but a third was countered as Jax got a Powerbomb. Going for the cocky cover again Asuka used the arms to get an Arm Bar.

Baszler got on the apron to distract and so did Lana, so Baszler locked on the Clutch for fun I guess. Asuka knocked them off the apron with a Hip Attack, then escaped a Samoan Drop to transition into the Asuka Lock. Baszler hit the ring to attack Asuka for the DQ, then a brawl broke out with the Raw Women’s Team as Asuka rolled away. The Tag Champs tossed Rose and Brooke out as they focused on their favourite punching bag. For the eighth time Lana was driven through the announce table by a Nia Jax Samoan Drop. Jax further burying Lana after the table smash by telling her to quit.


Another week, another table broken and Lana buried a little more. It’s a tired formula now with Lana neither being likeable nor getting any cheers out of pity. It’s clear what the WWE is doing here and it’s coming at the expense of the other women. Jax against Asuka was painless and Asuka looked strong, even with the WWE mindlessly protecting Jax as always with a DQ finish. Overall you can’t say Survivor Series was built too well in terms of either of the brand against brand matches. The formula of disfunctional teams is as worn out as the brand versus brand bouts themselves. Meanwhile we can only hope that the promos from Reckoning about Asuka can actually lead to something as facing Recokining, with the threat of Retribution in the background, would be a fresh challenge for Asuka and a potential for a title change.

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop by in seven day’s time for the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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