RAW RECAP 03/08/20: Suspensions and Reunions on the Road to Summerslam – Banks Vs Baszler, Morgan/Riott Vs IIconics

Welcome one and all to the RAW RECAP presented by THE REVELLEUTION! Last week Sasha Banks and Bayley’s plan came true, as they used Stephanie McMahon’s stipulations that a title could change hands on a count-out to steal the Raw Women’s Championship from Asuka. With Kairi Sane written out of TV and emerging issues between Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, what twists will we have as we head towards Summerslam? Let’s get into it, and find out…

CHARLY CARUSO handled interview duties.

SARAH SCHREIBER interviewed The Golden Role Models BAYLEY and SASHA BANKS. Bayley sidestepped answering if they’d defend their titles at Summerslam before showing a promo video to hype themselves. SHAYNA BASZLER showed up and called out Banks, saying she’s waited long enough before she gave a cheap shot to Banks to send her down.

THE IICONICS tried to get onto the Kevin Owens show, but he said he already had guests.

Those guests on The Kevin Owens Show were RUBY RIOTT and LIV MORGAN. Riott being proud of dealing of ‘sad, toxic broads’ before Morgan was brought out. Owens referenced ‘Sarah’ moving on to a new part of her life (getting fired?) and tried to play peacemaker to get the duo together (stealing the heat in the process). Riott turned on the emotion as she admitted Morgan was different and claimed to have not been ready for not being needed anymore by Riott.

The IIconics finally interrupted and mocked Riott for all her loses, and bragged about their accomplishments. Morgan seemed to warm to the idea of a reunion, saying that no-one stared a ‘Riott’ like they did. When Owens again tried stealing the attention, wanting technical difficulties for the IIconics’ mics he got a slap from Royce then Kay for his trouble. Morgan and Riott then tackled their rivals for a little brawl.

Women’s Tag Team Match

Riott and Kay started off, with Kay hitting a throat shot after Riott ducked punches then a Straightjacket Neckbreaker for an early nearfall. A Double Team Back shot before Royce got a near fall and worked over Riott. Another tag to Kay as the IIconics hit Double Team Savat Kicks then kicks to the back of Riott. Kevin Owens on commentary continued to take away from the match making it about himself. Riott got a Superkick on Kay, sending her back to tag Royce in before Riott tagged Morgan who went into house on fire mode.

Morgan got her double bounce Dropkick from the middle rope for a two count. Kay was late to break the pin up but still dragged Royce to their corner to tag in. Kay went for her Saito Suplex finisher but Morgan countered with a ROLL UP OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!! After the match Royce attacked, looking for Fall From Grace but Riott stopped it. Morgan and Riott hitting a Double Team STO on Kay as the reunion appeared more complete.

NIA JAX was in the ring and showed footage from last week as she attacked WWE official Pat Buck during the brawl with Baszler. She didn’t say sorry for last week, instead challenging him to a match after insulting him. It led to Jax being suspended indefinately without pay, before attacking Jax.

Non-title Women’s Singles Match
SHAYNA BASZLER versus Raw Women’s Champion & Women’s Tag Team Champion SASHA BANKS (w/h Smackdown Women’s Champion & Women’s Tag Team Champion BAYLEY) ended in a No Contest.

Both women were being booed by the ‘crowd’. Banks started off with a slap and Baszler responded with takedown slams. Faking out a kick to pie-face Banks. Getting a two count from a cradle pin before Banks hit a kick. Baszler locked on an Armbar but Banks rolled to the ropes. Baszler paid for going after Bayley as Banks hit an Armbreaker, then sent Baszler into the corner post before rolling her up for a two count. Targetting the arm with a kick then pulling the limb on the ropes, before applying a Top Wristlock.

Baszler came back with Shoulder Thrusts but Banks countered by capturing Baszler’s head, sending her into the corner. Banks went for a Crossbody off the middle rope but Baszler rolled through and hit a nasty (and not in a good way) Irish Curse Backbreaker to Banks. Baszler countered the High Knee attempt, locking on the Clutch but Banks avoided and things went rather slow motion as Baszler rolled Banks into position trying to the arm stomp but took too long. Banks rolling through to take Baszler down trying for the Banks Statement but Baszler fought out. Banks hit a Headscissors then the High Knee Strike, but Baszler answered with her Roundhouse Kick as both women went down.

ASUKA ran down and attacked Bayley which for some reason caused a DQ/No Contest. Banks fleeing the ring as Asuka ran in. After a break Asuka was interviewed in the ring as they showed footage of Kairi Sane’s attack by Bayley which led to the count out finish to hand Banks the Raw Women’s Championship. Asuka only said that Kairi Sane would be OK but she’s not here, before Asuka challenged Banks for the title at Summerslam. Baszler cut in, claiming she’d be cheering for Asuka, just so she could take it from her. Cue Banks and Bayley as Banks said she’d only give Asuka her rematch if she could beat Bayley – an announcement that clearly did not leave Bayley happy.

In a backstage skit ZELINA VEGA cut off Angel Garza trying to seduce a reality TV ‘star’. She was ringside as her men had singles matches against the members of The Street Profits. Backstage BIANCA BELAIR accused Vega of poisioning her husband Ford, leading a brief fight.


The WWE quickly pulling a Jax-Baszler storyline to ‘suspend’ Jax might be a sign that the WWE has had enough of Jax’s reckless style in the ring, or it’s building up to something else. Laying early groundwork for an Asuka-Baszler feud was a good touch as was reintroducing the low lying issues between Banks and Bayley to show they aren’t completely on the same page. As for the Baszler-Banks match the no finish makes sense to not throw away suddenly giving a MMA Horsewomen versus WWE Horsewomen match. The bout itself seemed to be lacking something and there were slow and botched spots, so it was a bit of a let down.

Elsewhere Morgan and Riott might be taking a step back from singles careers, but the WWE needs tag teams and especially face ones to go after Banks and Bayley. I would not be against Morgan and Riott being the next challengers. The talkshow segment was a bit too over the top with Riott sobbing, and Kevin Owens stealing the heat didn’t help either.

That’s your lot for this week! Be sure to stop by in seven days time and we’ll have all the coverage with the next edition of the RAW RECAP! See you then!

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